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What is Article Marketing and Why it Works?

What is Article Marketing?

Article marketing is just one of the strategies utilized by entrepreneurs to get new customers and improve sales. It is also one kind of advertisement by which online marketers create and disperse articles into an assortment of outlets like article submission site, social networking site, forum and news publisher. 

In today’s world, advancements in technology have brought various ways to promote or sell pretty much anything. At the forefront of that, is the internet which continues to grow and advance businesses to the next level. There are numerous ways to promote your business online and that should be a primary objective as in the near future, most if not all transactions will be made online or using online processing for payments.

One of the best ways to promote an online business is through online article marketing. It can generate an infinite amount of direct links to the online business that you’re promoting. Online Article Marketing is a crucial tool to gain a large number of potentially continuous traffic through inputting links and search engine optimizing. All of your articles can be submitted to various publishers and article directories for absolutely no cost to you.

Benefits of Online Article Marketing:

Writing a quality article takes time and practice. The more you do it, the better and faster you will get. Remember, the benefits of online article marketing are invaluable to your online success. These benefits include:

benefits of article marketing
  • The ability to help “sell” your product or service before they have even clicked on the link to your website.
  • Article marketing will get you targeted traffic to your website. The overall quality of the traffic to your website is far more important than the quantity of traffic if it is not targeted to your business.
  • When you have an interesting and well-written article, readers will see your name and link to your website and they will be more likely to click on that link because they view you as an expert based on the professional and well-written article.
  • These articles are a fantastic way to add content to your website as well. So adding these articles to your website along with submitting them to article directories and publications will give the reader more resources to find and read your articles.
  • A well-written article will help give comfort to the reader in your ability to offer a great product or professional service. When selling online, only what is read can make the customer/reader feel comfortable in your knowledge and ability. So the better the article, the greater the response you will get.

So in short, online article marketing is a great way to promote your business, and best of all, it’s free!!

Tips and Tricks to Write Quality Article:

There are numerous ways to effectively write an article. Here are some tips and tricks to write a quality article.

what is article marketing

Niche Selection: First, sit down and have a short brainstorming session about what you would like to write about in the article. Make sure your article is a niche relevant to your online business. A well written and informative article can help bring in a lot of free quality traffic. For example, if your business is about SEO service, then you should write all of the articles about SEO.

Keywords: Keyword research is most important for online marketing. So take some time to research keywords for getting competitive keywords.

Title: When deciding on a title for your article, always try to make it interesting. A catchy title could be the difference between someone reading it, or just passing it by.

Informative: Keep the article on track by planning the “flow” of the information that you gathered during the brainstorming session that you want to include in the article.

Short Paragraphs: Keep your paragraphs relatively short as you do not want to scare off the reader by having long paragraphs. The more intriguing you can make the article, the better. Mix a blend of facts with a little bit of personal opinion to keep things fresh. But make sure to state the facts from personal opinion.

Article Distribute: You need to distribute the article properly, make sure to submit the article to directories under the related topic.

How to Do for Successful Article Marketing:

Article promotion is just one of the most economical methods to draw visitors and also to advertise content. Here are 4 important factors in successful article marketing.

Key Phrase research and optimize: Totally lookup search phrases that suit the desires of one’s targeted markets. Detect phrases or keywords comprising 3-5 keyword phrases and phrases that are particular, and be certain competitors utilize keywords. This guarantees the keyword gets price.

Acquire content: Create content articles which cover the character and demands of one’s market customers. Articles could be created on-site or out-sourced to freelance authors to get a commission. In the two instances, content that is relevant could be the element that is fundamental.

Distribute the Article: Publish the article on the free article submission sites with higher Page Rank scores and be certain you incorporate things like a resource box together with the description, links, along with your own name.


Article Promotion: Boost the content on favorite sites and content aggregators to accomplish the broadest potential audience. For example,

  • Mix
  • Soundcloud
  • StumbleUpon
  • Medium

You will get more than 150+ social bookmarking sites to go by clicking the link.

Why Article Marketing Still Works

For some people, article marketing is a touchy subject. There are many theories about how article marketing should be done online, and a lot of people have said that article marketing is dead. I still use articles in my business each and every day, and I can honestly tell you that article marketing is not dead.

Many people refer to the article directories to determine the popularity and effectiveness of article marketing, but I think this is a misguided attempt at gauging the effectiveness of a strategy. You should look at how articles are giving you traffic, giving you backlinks, and helping you to become an authority figure in your niche. This is very effective. I still submit to the article directories all the time – and I still get good results from it. I’m confident if you submitted a lot of articles to the article directories, you would get good results from it also.

I’ve read somewhere that it takes around 2,000 articles on a high-quality article directory to see some good results from it. I’m not sure about the efficiency of this statement, but I will be the first one to tell you that you need a lot of articles to be written if you want to make a big impact on your article marketing efforts.

free article submission sites list

1) Influence:

  • Article/internet marketing influence may be from: -strangers who give reviews or comments on forums and blogs, or friends and colleagues that you meet up with in social areas such as cafes, pubs and the like -experts or authority on the product or subject. These experts are able to influence because of their knowledge, training, skills and generally trust -a husband or wife, close family or people considered family by the consumer whose opinions and influence are significant to the consideration given to a product.
  • Our social connection’s influence is so extensive that it affects almost all major decisions on purchasing. We ask personal or expert opinions, whether from a friend or from experts. Blogs or internet marketing can work for you this way and it can have overwhelming effects.
    Almost everyone wants to buy more things online and they make decisions from influences of article marketing, socializing and discussions.
  • Blog marketing that doesn’t sell and is sociable does affect and goes well with all or any of your other marketing forms. It doesn’t stand alone nor challenge other mediums.
  • For years, consumers based their activities on news, community, information, communication, business, and entertainment.

2) Quality and Consistency:

You shouldn’t let quantity over-power quality. Submitting high-quality articles is still the most important thing that you need to do if you want to make this form of marketing work. Along with submitting your articles to the article directories… you should also write content for your own website. You don’t have to hire a freelance writer to do your writing for you. Start off with 1 article, that is 500 words long… then eventually scale this up by writing 2, 500-word articles each week.

With free marketing, you have to put your efforts on overdrive. If you feel like 2, 500-word articles is a little excessive, I hear your argument. But you have the chance to knockout 5 years’ worth of article marketing all within 1 year of writing 2 articles per week.

You want to speed right? Well, with this logic, this is some great speed – plus your credibility in your niche will definitely increase. Don’t overlook the power of articles in your business. It’s something that you can use to take your business to the next level, and it’s something that you can use to propel your efforts to pass your competitors. Because I assure you that your competitors are hardly using article marketing in their business. Now to get the most effect from your efforts, you will want to combine your article marketing efforts with paid advertising.

With paid advertising, you can see results quickly, and you’ll gain confidence in your business that you’re looking for. This is something that is very important – especially if you want to make huge sums of money online. Article marketing is a very effective method of promoting your website, and I highly advise that you take it seriously and employ this method of marketing. You won’t be disappointed, and the more articles you write, the better.


So nothing is new with blogs, articles or internet/online marketing. Understand the influence use the energy of the area. When properly used, you can take that big and initial step towards the modern world of online marketing activity, recommending, spending and satisfying.

A slightly different approach to online marketing is needed in order to match different customers, their needs and how they choose their sellers.

Internet article marketing or blogs need to have an inviting style, be engaging and able to win confidence and trust in the product you are selling.

There are people who talk about almost everything every day through the internet and are looking and/or selling things and services. Use these online discussions to your advantage.

After one has made a purchase, or sometimes even before, people can influence others by giving or receiving advice, a recommendation, encouragement and sharing their experience about the product or service. You are not selling yourself directly but through the advice and tips given – that’s article marketing.

Blog or article marketing is not confined to just the consumer and the business but rather to a larger circle that includes potential customers and those who could and would influence them. Now that’s a big and growing circle.

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