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New 100+ Free Article Submission Sites List In 2020

Free article submission sites are very vital for any online marketer desirous of improving the page ranking of his or her website. However, if it is not done in accordance with white-hat practice, your website could receive hard knocks from search engines. As a result of this, the following strategies can be adopted for the successful article marketing campaign. It is important to choose the free article submission sites list you will submit to carefully so that you won’t deal with sites that are not in the good books of search engines, especially Google.

Free Article Submissions Site Lists:

In this section, we will discover the latest and high DA 100+ free article submissions sites list. One of the most powerful promotions that you can do is article distribution. It is a long-term promotion and will gather momentum as time goes on. It will be well worth the initial amount you invest, as the promotion will keep on running and bringing in customers for months to come. There are a number of advantages to this type of promotion. Article submission is also tied in with quality article writing and this is another way a writing service can help you. They will have quality articles written for your business and then arrange for them to be distributed through the article submissions sites.

Top 10 Article Submission Sites:

Here we discover the top 10 article submission sites that will help to get high DA backlinks.


DA92 to DA70 Free Article Submission Sites List:


DA67 to DA40 Article Submission Websites:


DA39 to DA30 Article Submission Site:


DA29 to DA20 Article Directory Sites:


DA19 to DA10 Free Article Submission Site List:


What is Article Submission in SEO?

What is article submission in Search Engine Optimisation? Article submission is one kind of off-page search engine optimization method that features articles submission on third party websites to create inbound hyperlinks for personal/client’s blog having a reason to improve search engine positions of website hyperlink generated for a site. The connection can be in the type of a nofollow backlink along with the dofollow backlink.

There are two kinds of sites where it’s possible for you to publish content, a person that gives CMS platforms after enrollment and also the 2nd category will be right to get people in which you must pitch admin the author or editor of this site to your own entry asks.

Before Submit Your Have to Do:

Before submitting an article to the article directories, you have to check the following factors.

Check DA:

You should endeavor to check their DA in order to be sure that you are dealing with the right directory. It is advisable not to have anything to do with sites that have PR lower than 10.

Write Original:

Furthermore, do not attempt to spin articles for them because it can lead to the termination of your account. Top article submission sites are looking for qualitative contents, consequently, they won’t accept substandard works from you. Article spinning is no more beneficial for SEO after the Google Panda and Penguin updates, hence, you should come up with articles that will not only appeal to search engine robots but also to readers. As a matter of fact, the top free article submission site will not publish works that will not appeal to their readers because they want to retain and even increase their readership base.


Some of the things are keywords. Using keywords, you are able to improve the get to of your website. Make certain your informative article has buzzing keywords. This Can Let You expand your webpage achieve

Check Alexa Rank:

Additionally, you should consider the Alexa ranking of the directories you will be submitting your articles to. Alexa ranks websites based on the traffic they receive and if you do your article submission to sites with good Alexa ranking, the exposure of your articles will be greatly enhanced and it will increase the number of potential visitors that your website will receive. You don’t just pick a directory and submit your articles to its owners without digging deep into its status. Also, you should produce original rich articles so that they would be approved by editors of your choice directories.

Spam Percentage:

Spam percentage is another important thing to check before submitting an article. Try to avoid those directories site that has more than 17{22818c00a7b750be185f543993226ee9eb13263a9c1755b8c3f40ee3c0c01c64} spam score.


Originality is the key that opens the door of approval of any directory and if you can strive towards that, you will be the bride of top directories. Even if you are re-writing another article, you should endeavor to use your own words so that it would be original. No serious publisher will like to publish works that are not original on his or her site except a work submitted by the original author which has been published on another site. Article submission to directories must be properly handled in order to accomplish your desired goal.

Advantages of Using Free Article Submission Sites:

Submitting articles to the top article submission websites offers a perfect opportunity to publish information on services or products that you’re hoping to promote across the internet. Article marketing is likely to be one of the easiest and most cost-effective options for promoting products. Alternatively, you could just use free article submission sites list as a platform for publishing content on topics that really interest you and able to help the wider audience. Since there are such a large number of article directories or similar sites accepting content, you often have complete control over where you have your articles published. It is just a case of sourcing the most beneficial sites that are likely to provide the most attention to your published content.

You might also want to look at the more niche-specific article directories if you want to see more direct traffic to your site. Here are some of the main advantages of publishing on the article directories:

1) Achieving Better Authoritative Backlinks:

When you are able to submit your articles to article submission sites, you are able to include self-serving links that direct to your own websites which is helpful for receiving direct traffic from the visitors that are reading the article. Also, you have the added benefit of building links to your website which can result in improved rankings in the search engine results, and that is a further great way for bringing traffic to your website. If you want to achieve better rankings in the search results, it is likely to be highly beneficial you are able to gather a list of the top 10 article submission sites and have your content published across those different sites, and not just to stick to one directory all the time.

2) Publish Content on Most Topics:

In general, you are able to publish content on almost any topic provided that it is not related to anything illegal or something that might be deemed unethical, which gives a wide option for providing a platform for writing and publishing content on the topics that most interest you. Many of the article directories aren’t likely to accept content that is overly promotional and just there for the reason of advertising, it is highly important that the content created is helpful and provides valued information. If you do come across an article submission site that isn’t keen on the type of content you are hoping to publish, you can, of course, look for an alternate website that might be more open in relation to the content accepted.

3) Boost SEO Rank and Traffic:

This will give you valuable backlinks, which will increase exposure for the business and boost SEO rank. Search engine traffic will allow you to get very targeted and highly responsive visitors who will keep on growing and coming to your website. Article distribution is one of the fastest ways to get the word out about a product or service. One informative article can peak readers’ interest and have them flocking to your site. This can be done quickly and efficiently by a professional writing service. You can have visitors coming to your website within a week when you use this service. This is an integral part of a product launch, as it will distribute the news of your product around the internet.

4) Enhance Reputation and Sales:

Distribution of quality articles will also allow you to earn a reputation of expertise around the Internet, which in turn will lead to increased trust for your business. This will result in more sales as people will buy from those they trust and like. The more informative articles you distribute around the Internet the more the reputation of your business will increase. The backlinks it produces will be able to gather more targeted potential customers, who will have a high conversion rate and increase your sales.

With these points, you can see that an article submission service can really put your business on the map and propel it from obscurity to the limelight. It will gather momentum as more high-quality articles about your business will be distributed around the internet. At first, you will see a small number of visitors but then as time goes on there will be more and more targeted traffic that will convert to sales. You will be able to grow your business into a profitable concern using this method of promotion.

How To Use The Resource Box When Listing Your Articles On An Article Submission Site:

Article marketing is quickly becoming the single most popular way to advertise online and for good reason, the results speak for themselves. Most webmasters are really starting to use article marketing to receive more traffic to their websites. You might wonder why a resource box below the article is so important. It takes the information about the article and gives some sort of free advertising after they click that link in your resource box that will send the viewer to your website and it will help boost your traffic directly.

To get your site noticed you the webmaster need to submit your article to different directories. Accepting these articles, directories are allowing the author of alike articles to add the information regarding their sites the resource box. Increasing your site’s link popularity in a search engine is crucial. It is a common aspect that these search engines love to grab onto. The article will give the reader the enthusiasm to visit your site. The resource box will allow you to write about 4 to 5 sentences. So it’s important that you give as much detail in those 4 to 5 sentences as you can almost as important as your actual article. Make it as interesting as you can because it will be the direct link between you and your future clients.

resource box of top article submission sites

Resource Box Writing Guide:

  • Some key things you should include in your resource box would be your name, directories are one of the biggest tools out there to promote your name and get yourself known as an expert in the field and topics you write about. The first sentence should be convincing about who you are and what it is your doing.
  • The second sentence should be your website link giving the readers an invitation to come to visit.
  • Your third sentence should be a newsletter subscribe link. Maybe they do not want to deal with you right away maybe they would like the option for the future.
  • Your fourth sentence should include is something you would like to offer for free. This will increase the chance that they will click on the link to your site.

Use keywords in your resource box when filling it out. It will give the information to your reader about what you discussed in your article. For example, if your article is about health show in your resource box that your article has information on exercise tips. Always keep in mind the needs of your readers before your own. Always think of them first. Tell them things so they know what to expect when clicking your website. Create enthusiasm and excitement in your resource. Have inspiring words to promote the click of your site. Make them want to read more. Have a little mystery that if they click your link they will get something more. Although the resource box is small it can be the biggest opportunity for you to make big potential clients.


So, use the above free article submission sites list to get high DA backlinks and increase traffic. However, if you are finding it difficult to get the approval of top sites for your works, it is advisable to make use of a reliable article submission service provider. This is because a service provider will know the requirements of different directories and will be in the best position to get the works approved in good time. Also, a service provider will have a certain level of reputation with the editors of these directories which will accelerate the approval process.

A professional article writing service will use writers who are experts in different fields and will be able to write quality articles that are informative and give in-depth perspectives to your business. Articles submission in this way by an article writing service save your time and money. You do not have to spend time writing and distributing your articles because it is all done for you. This means that you can spend time on other facets of your business. The money that you invest in writing service will be money well invested. You will have many quality articles distributed throughout the internet via using the above free article submission sites list.

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    Great post dear. Please add this free articles directory site ( ) in your list.

  • Habib


    Great post dear. Please add this free articles directory site ( ) in your list.

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    This is the first time I visit here. What an amazing post. I like it so much 🙂
    This site is so useful. I think this is an active site. I like to promote my link there.
    To make traffic on my site, this is a perfect site. So I like to share my link there.
    Please visit my site and give like, comment & share.
    My site link is:

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    I totally appreciate the time and effort you put into this list. As a new freelancer, I am definitely going to use this as a resource.

  • Priya Gupta


    I totally appreciate the time and effort you put into this list. As a new freelancer, I am definitely going to use this as a resource.

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    Such a useful list. It will surely help me. More power to you.

  • Sam


    Such a useful list. It will surely help me. More power to you.

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