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Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2018 - Social Bookmarking submission -Free Social Bookmarking Site List 2018

If you submit your content on dofollow social bookmarking sites, then you will get more traffic, leads, and sales. In this article, we discover top150+ high PR & high DA new dofollow social bookmarking sites list 2020. All of these top social bookmarking sites list for SEO can boost your business goal. Not only that your blogs or business website ranking will be increasing dramatically but also you will get more sales.

Also, we will discover the most important and effective automatic social bookmarking tools which are helping to save time and achieve the goal easily.

What is Social Bookmarking in SEO?

Social bookmarking submissions techniques are one of the best SEO methods to share or save your favorite webpage or links on social bookmarking sites. Another way we can say, social bookmarking is all about submitting or sharing your content on different social bookmarking sites including web journals, blogs, video, audio, image, social networks, microblogs, and forum sharing sites. You can share any type of content to boost your blog or business website.

Why Social Bookmarking?

No extra emphasis is required to tell businessmen about the importance of the internet. Also, no need to say the importance of the presence of a business on the internet. Simply put, there is another way superior to the web to market your online business worldwide. At the same time, it require huge capital for marketing to other countries of your business. While through an internet connection you need just a small fraction of that capital. After realizing the importance of online presence businesses have now started to be competitive with each other with all the latest online techniques and strategies.

Social bookmarking is one of these techniques for adding search engine juice to the content linking to your website. However, it should be addressed on behalf of businessmen. It does take innovation, determination and the right decisions at the right times to successfully expand the online business.

There are thousands of ways to connect with other sites worldwide today. Every method is for some reason connected to the internet. Even the phones have gone VoIP (Voice over internet protocol). This means you are connected to the internet when you are talking to someone on the internet. This is also one of the cheapest ways to communicate with customers on the phone. Most of the international call centers are now using VoIP phones today.

One of the secrets of expanding your business presence online and letting people know about your business worldwide is through (as mentioned earlier) social bookmark submissions. This term is quite common these days but there are still people who will be confused after reading it. Here’s an easy explanation of social bookmarking its role in making a business famous on the internet. But now the question is what is social bookmarking in SEO?

 Social Bookmark Submissions:

If you know what is social bookmarking will be it should not be a problem for you to understand social bookmark submissions. Just like you have an option to bookmark the pages on your browser, you can bookmark the websites and web pages online. There are special online services, social bookmarking networks to be precise, that allow this option. So, if you are on a website and also you like the content and you think that your close friend, for example, will be most interested in this content, you bookmark it through your online service. When your close friend goes online through that service, he can view your bookmarks and read the content.

In general, terms, if you liked a blog and sent its link to your friend on his email, this is also social bookmark submission. There are various reasons why you need social bookmarking services and on top of that, these social bookmarking services are the secrets of expanding your business presence online and they also play an important role in adding to the growth of your business.

Why Do You Need Social Bookmarking for Online Presence? Here’s the Deal:

If you go on a search engine and perform a search on the latest pop-rock songs, you will get millions of results on the screen. Of course, you will prefer the ones on the top but sometimes, you end up being on websites that have absolutely no relevant content to your search. For example, you want to download an mp3 song while the website only lets you hear a sample of 10 seconds. What to do in this case? Well, that’s where social bookmarking plays an important role and lets you search for websites that fit your search requirements the best. Furthermore, you can always share pictures, videos, and audio songs through emails and social networking websites but what if you wanted to share an entire website? What if you wanted the world to know about this particular website because you think it has the greatest content on the subject?

How Can Social Bookmark Submissions Help in Growing Your Online Presence?

Increase Targeted Traffic:

The first thing you need to know is that users of online social bookmark submissions websites prefer to search for content through these bookmarking over search engines like google. Therefore, you can best reach out to these users through social bookmarking services:

Social bookmarking websites provide a better and refined search to their users so it is highly possible that your bookmarked website’s link will not get lost in a ton of results. Also, all results on search engines like google are not even worth looking at because they have only earned the top rankings through unethical search engine optimization techniques.

Social bookmark submission networks allow the bookmarks to be voted up or down by the users. If out of 10 results your website’s link has got the most number of positive votes, you can expect that most of the traffic searching for the relevant subject will be redirected to your website.

Helps to Promote Business:

When you open a social bookmarking site, it is often showing the most popular or recent bookmarks on the top. The bookmarks might be running in the form of a slideshow and also have pictures as thumbnails. This is another way of marketing your website by submitting of social bookmarks.

Social Bookmarking Submission - Doffolow Social Bookmarking Sites List - Free Social Bookmarking Sites List

While sharing the links these people frequently discuss and talk about their favorite bookmarks which gives even more visibility to your website. In short, a chain starts in which your link begins getting shared from person to person with discussions and conversations associated with it.

While social networking websites, writing a blog, email marketing, and banner ads play a vital role in providing your business broad online presence, the crucial role played by submitting of social bookmarks sites cannot be forgotten. It stands in the category of social networking websites and blogging in terms of effectiveness.

What You Need to Know About Social Bookmarking:

If you are wondering what you need to know about social bookmarking, in this post I will address some of the concepts which I believe are main to social bookmarking in the context of social media in general. I hope you guys find it useful. The first misconception I have discovered again and again about social bookmark submission is the fact that it’s only a way to dump your content on websites such as Flipboard, Facebook, Reddit, and Stumbleupon or delicious and wait for the traffic to come streaming in. In the best of cases, people will do all the onsite optimization they can in order to keep visitors on the site and even get them to come back. But this, my friends, is taking the narrow view.

Social bookmark submissions, just like any social media, is all about the community. Just like if you only use YouTube.com to post videos and forget about commenting and generally engaging in conversation you will be making a mistake (as a company), if you only use social bookmarking sites as traffic bait you will be hurting your business. Yes, I said hurt. Do not think that the effects of indifference will be simple apathy.

How Will It Hurt?

First of all, you will be losing the space that your competitors might grab. Second, by expecting visitors on your site and offering no payback – no information, no comments – you will probably irritate users. Third, if the quality of your content ever goes down or is not optimal, to begin with, you will be considered a spammer. I know it seems tough, but the boundary between spam and information is often attributable to high quality, and nothing else. Next, and maybe most importantly, by not taking an active role in social bookmarking communities, you’re not taking advantage of all they have to offer. Think of how useful client feedback is, and how before the dawn of the Internet, businesses were always racking their brains on how to get it.

Now you can easily access it, especially by reading comments on bookmarks and responding to them as a business owner who is interested in getting better (not in insulting clients!), you can really get a lot out of social bookmarking.

However, how you participate is also very important. First of all, despite trying to become a member of a community, remember you are also a business owner. Be friendly and never engage in heated discussions. Deal with other users as clients… to a point because you have to take into account that you are not only a business owner but also trying to become a member of a community. Avoid using the call to action words (buy, visit, and check out, take advantage of…). Users want valuable information, and if you give it to them, they will go to your site on their own accord. Nobody likes the feeling that they are being herded somewhere.

Social Bookmarking Issue:

In this section, we will discuss some most important issue which we mistake again and again all over the social bookmarking sites. For examples:

Tagging Issue:

The first and foremost issue is the mistakes integrated with the Tagging system. Tags allow us to find our way on a bookmarking site to speed up the search. However, problems like the wrong tags attached to the wrong article and spelling errors are some of the problems that one faces. If the tag is incorrect the user does not get what he wants.

This leads to further unhappiness especially when the Tags are case-sensitive. A major problem erupts while selecting a particular keyword as you do not know how many people are using the same keywords as Tags. This causes more confusion. Another problem that users may face is mandatory registration on some sites to view a particular post. If the user is only in search of one post he has to create a new account and only then can he view the post. This is quite a time- consuming.

  • Solution – To use the correct tag on your post use this tool which is most popular hashtagify.me

Spelling Errors:

Spelling errors are the most common problem when it comes to Tagging. For example, a person uses the word ‘politics’ instead of ‘politics’ then his work will not be read by the maximum number of users even though he has written a brilliant post. Grammatical errors like the common antonym and synonym confusion do not allow maximum traffic. Social bookmarking not like social networking has not succeeded in getting traffic to large-scale from Asian countries. This could be because of the lack of awareness that such a tool exists. We have to work towards driving more traffic from these countries as well. The statistics of the users must rise in this country and must increase by itself if you want a good article to get enough web recognition.

Ambiguity Issue:

Another major issue in social bookmarking is the ambiguity of the tags. A single word could have double meanings and if not spelled right, it is quite an online disaster.

Spam Issue:

Some users are tagging and re-tagging the same sites again and again so that they can drive a lot of traffic. Traffic can be a major issue for all those who are sincerely trying to get their figures up! Spammers are on the rise and they too are doing the same thing. With the death of the automated- mail, it is now only these sites that these spammers can use. Sometimes users can’t get through the sites because of excess traffic on that site. This is a terrible disadvantage that the sites have to look for.

Alternative solutions are available in the market. With the development of various internet software programs daily, a social bookmarking site must ensure that they can develop a program that will benefit them and their online presence.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Bookmarking:

Managing one’s website fully requires accurate techniques and procedures. To completely encourage more customers, increasing website traffic is your best choice. How can you increase your targeted traffic? The answer to this question is extremely simple. In order to add to your targeted traffic, you have to use the so-called social bookmarking.

What is this social bookmarking? This term is commonly referred to as the process for internet users to sort out, store, handle and search resource bookmarks online. Say, for instance, if you come across a certain interesting website, you can automatically store the website in any social bookmarking sites and free access it any time you desire.

The Advantage of Social Bookmarking:

To fully understand the concept, simply take the following information as your guide. If you are a beginner to online businesses, you will surely ask the advantages of social bookmarking. This social media marketing has various features that you shouldn’t miss to take. One of the best things about this web social tactic is its accessibility. This site is not limited to a single computer. You can completely scan sites anywhere and any time you prefer as long as you have an internet connection. Since everyone firmly loves searching for the latest, craziest and funny videos, events, saying and jokes, they can immediately pass their websites to their friends and relatives. In that way, increasing traffic from social bookmarking is widely observed. Once you gain trust from your previous readers, they will certainly follow your suggested social bookmarking sites and that results in higher traffic generation.

With this social bookmarking, you can easily find affiliates marketers in promoting your business products and services. Both parties will instantly earn sufficient income out of their partnerships. Most importantly, social bookmarking mainly creates powerful and effective backlinks to your website. This will definitely assist you to have the highest search engine ranking.  There has more advantage you will get such as

  • You will get high authority do follow backlinks for your websites or blogs.
  • Social bookmarking helps to increase search engine ranking.
  • It will also help to get targeted traffic, leads, and sales.
  • Increase your business popularity and build up your business as a brand.
  • It is the best way to communicate once each other like sellers and buyers.
  • You can promote your business, products, and services without any cost.
  • Last one social bookmarking can boost up your indexing rate.

Disadvantages of Social Bookmarking:

Since not all techniques and procedures are proven perfect, social bookmarking also includes a few disadvantages. Within this online marketing, tag structures are not properly controlled. Say, for instance, users might be confused if they are going to use capital words for both main keywords as well as in the first paragraphs. With the increasing demands of social bookmarking, large numbers of people use its benefits and it may clearly affect your website. Most people create backlinks without any useful or valuable content submissions. In that case, they just create junk on your website for their own benefits.

A Complete Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List in 2020:

First of all, since I always like paying special attention to beginners, I’d like to explain exactly what dofollow social bookmarking sites are. The social bookmarking site, in order to prevent spammy submissions, usually add nofollows, which are basically an instruction that the Google bot gets telling it not to pay attention to the link on their site to your own property. Therefore, the link does not enhance your site’s PageRank, which is one of the most, if not the most important factor to get top places on Google. Are these links useless then? The answer is no. They are still useful if you want targeted traffic, publicity for your site and target audience interest, among other things.

However, there are dofollow social bookmarking sites 2020 available. Right now, we’re talking about more compact and verified websites, not all the most famous, but submission is useful & high quality. It won’t replace a quality SEO and social media marketing strategy, but it can be an interesting part of it. Here is a very comprehensive top 150+ dofollow free social bookmarking sites list with high PR which I’ve put together. They are still a valid option:

Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2018

High DA100 – DA72 Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2019:

Best dofollow social bookmarking sites 2018 can play a vital role in increasing search engine ranking of your site. Here is a high PR and high DA top 31 free dofollow social bookmarking sites list 2018 which are given below:

8Livejournal.com95 235
22cheezburger.com83 4535

High DA71 – DA56 free Social Bookmarking Sites with high PR:

Bookmarking is the way to gain high-quality backlinks in SEO with quick. Here is a list of top 30 dofollow free social bookmarking sites with high PR




High DA55 – DA44 free social bookmarking submission sites list:

Social bookmark submission is a generally new pattern that enables you to store your most favorite links in an internet bookmarking website that you can get to anyplace. We investigate the best free social bookmarking submission sites list out there, to help to increase the search engine ranking.


High DA43 – DA37 Social Bookmar Submit Sites List:

Bookmarking is the quickest method to index your site or blog in search engines like Google, Bing, and so forth. In the event that you have backing from them, you will get high-quality backlinks. Social bookmark submits will help to produce new targeted traffic.


DA36-DA4 Bookmark Submission Sites:

In this bookmark submissions sites, you can begin with social bookmarking. You should start with submitting blog post/site pages to bookmarking sites as it




How to Discover Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites:

So how can we discover nofollow links anyway? Although I’m usually a Google Chrome user, for this I recommend using the Mozilla Firefox browser, because it enables you to install what are called add-ons. If you search for ‘firefox nofollow addon‘, you will be able to install a number of programs that mark nofollow links with red highlighting – a very useful trick for any webmaster. Whenever you go to a website that is all marked in red, you’ll know that links placed there are not useful for SEO purposes. On the other hand, if there’s no red highlighting, you’re good to go.

“If you want to rank your website to the search engines first page within a short time, buy our Cheapest SEO packages which are effective and result oriented,”

Cheapest SEO Packages and Price in Bangladesh

A Social Bookmarking Guide for Beginners:

In this section I want to build a social bookmarking guide for beginners, going over the basic things you need to know before going into this aspect of e-business. Now the question is how to do social bookmarking? I have divided into three segments to learn how to do social bookmarking such as:

First Segment:

First of all, You have to know what is social bookmarking in SEO? Social bookmarking is a way to share your own and other’s content with people on a website such as Reddit, Myspace or Livejournal. This can be done by marking content on these websites so that others can then read it, comment on it and vote on it. Social bookmarking is useful for three reasons:

  • It can boost your company’s reputation if you have great content, dramatically increase its targeted traffic and,
  • The bookmarking site has a dofollow strategy, it will generate backlinks to your own website. These backlinks can really help with your search engine rankings.
  • Most great social bookmark sites have a nofollow policy, which means that Google will not really count the links on those sites towards yours so that you can count rankings. But it helps to viral your content.

Second Segment:

Remember that bookmarking sites are not places to dump all of your content into. Indeed, this is a very bad strategy. Initially, due to the fact not all your content is newsworthy. You should be able to detect what your best content is and share only that – it will be good for your reputation. Second, since if you only submit your own content and not other people, you will appropriately be considered a spammer. Check out other sites and also share the great content they have to offer.

And I know this would seem silly, but bookmarking sites are growing really weary of ‘bad’ users: spammers and people who do not understand their rules. Take a while to get to know a site before you start posting, submit news to the correct categories (which is also in the curiosity of your news items) and comment and participate as everybody else does. Not following these indications may lead to you getting banned from the site, which is easier on social bookmark submitting websites than perhaps on any other kind of site.

Third Segment but Not Last:

Always remember this. Finally, my advice is to participate as much as you can in sites you submit your content to. Create a community for your niche, engage your users in conversations and become a giver, not a publicity hog. In the long run, you will see that this strategy is solid, doesn’t take up too much time and really helps your reputation, which at the same time will contribute to boosting your sales and making your clients loyal. You just need to take one thing into account: don’t be pushy, don’t act as a business owner. Business is for your, and social bookmarking sites sharing content and information.

Here is a list of most effective top social bookmarking sites for SEO in the below.




How to Do Social Bookmarking?

If you newbies and did not know, how to do social bookmarking watch this video.

Become a Social bookmarking Expert With These Tips:

Write Attractive Headline:

There are some factors which when kept in mind can get your attention on social bookmarking sites like dig.com, stumbleupon.com, and reddit.com. One among them is choosing a catchy headline. It is the same case as a newspaper. When a newspaper is full of news collected from all over the world, only the ones with hot and spicy headlines get your attention. Similarly, you should not expect your article to find a place on the front page of these sites if you do not provide something hot and spicy in your headline.

Highlight Your Brand:

Next in the brand after the headline, is really a brief description that describes your article. This summary or description should give a snapshot of what to expect in your writing and can be a little provocative to generate curiosity. Provoking interest is vital, but also things your reader with truths and facts.

Write Informative and the Importance of Your Content of First Paragraph:

Remember that visitors on social bookmarking sites will not take the time to read more than 100 to 150 characters in the description. The rule for a good piece of writing says that the first paragraph should be good enough to cast a spell on the visitors. You do not want them to leave after the first paragraph when you had made efforts to get a catchy headline and attractive description.

In fact, content rules at every level of your article, so there is no use for posting to social bookmarking sites if you have only rubbish to write about. When people further bookmark your site, it adds to your reputation. You need to leave a link at the bottom of the article through which the readers can more post your article building your trustworthiness.

Keep Attention on Post Sharing Time:

Timing is critical to social bookmarking. Your write-up has a life of about 24 hours and if you post when most of the readers in your country might be sleeping, it will be worthless. By the time your target audience gets up, your page might end up being on the 5th page. So time your post according to your targeted visitors as well as the time zones.

You need to remember to get your information right because you do not want negatives votes on your story. Some of the other things on the to-do list of social tagging sites are:

  • Chooses the most appropriate category.
  • Give more effort to get more votes.
  • Take help from your friends
  • Also, use the only English language
  • Checking your spelling and grammar
  • Finding the right topics to write on
  • Working on your news subscriptions, affiliate marketing, and RSS feeds
  • Avoid automated submitter which has malware resulting in the stealing of passwords.
  • Becoming appropriate in responding to the comments on your stories.
  • And preparing your server for the upcoming traffic.

Best Social Bookmarking Tools:

Social bookmarking is now an integral part of all online businesses. Social bookmarking is a key to success for those who have a business website, running a blog or simply promoting their business on web pages. Without bookmarking, success online is impossible and having being proficient and efficient in using different bookmarking tools means an optimistic success all over the time on the web.

This success is only possible when you are able to exercise one of the best bookmarking (social) tools. You might be thinking, reading and using hundreds of bookmarking tools. But we discover only the top 5 most popular and effective social bookmarking tools. Most of the people using these tools to update bookmark regularly.

 Socialpilot  Easy, simple and cost-effective social media management tool. Schedule social media posts. Free account facility. As well as 85000+ professionals users trust SocialPilot to manage social media.

SociClicks – Image sharing tools for facebook, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. Only paid version but one-time pay.

OnlyWire – OnlyWire will posts content to the biggest social networks to extremely increase exposure to your brand. Free version available but limited.

Social Marker – You can use 17+ social bookmarking site with free. 

SociOffer – Only Facebook all in one offer. Only paid version but one-time pay.

IMAutomator – IMAutomator is online automatic social bookmarking software


Simply by considering both the advantages and disadvantages of the social bookmarking submission process, you can fully understand its authentic effects on your website. Just like the other means of social advertising, it can give negative implications if you inaccurately use its functions. Fortunately, once you favorably get the advantages of social marketing, expect that numerous visitors prefer to visit your website. The more visitors and clients you have, the more your chances of accumulating a boost in traffic to your website.

Earning money through the use of social marketing is extremely fast and easy. Take time to develop your marketing strategies and see how this process effectively contributes to your online business success. Visit the social bookmarking sites list 2018 from the below and above list and submit your content.


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