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Business Directory Listing to 150 Directory Submission Site

Business directory listing is the most important for more effective web presence at a local area. In this article, we are going to discover 150+ high domain authority local business directory listing site and top 50+ do follow as well as no follow local listing. Also, we discover top business listing sites USA, Australia, Canada as well as business directory UK, India, and Bangladesh. All of these business directories will help you to boost your sales and search engine ranking.

Directory submission is a partition of SEO.  With directory submission site we can enhance link popularity of our websites. Hence each and every single person will find high PR directory sites rundown to Improve their site ranking in addition to link prominence. So today we find out a List of directory submission sites concurring the Page Rank.

If you are unable to list your site properly, hire an SEO services company which provides the cheapest SEO packages. They will do according to your advice. Also, you can learn to participant online SEO training program.  However, with the below youtube video, you can also learn how to set up your business listing account.

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What is a business directory?

A business directory is an online list of organizations inside a particular niche, area, location or category. One way the local business can get found by internet search is through incorporation in the business directories list.


Business Directory Listing Services to Improve SEO:

If you have a website and you want it to be on the first page the second at a pinch whenever one of the keywords or phrases relevant to your site are entered into a search engine. If you can’t appear on the first two pages you may as well not be on the web as people will not look much earlier these pages when looking for products and services or information. One way to increase your visibility is by building high quality and relevant backlinks to your web page. As well as having good internal links to all of your site’s pages. By building backlinks of high quality your rank is probably going to boost.

Importance of business Listing in SEO:

If your goal is to get more traffic, lead, sales and rank your website, you need to follow these steps. When you combine this technique with local business directory listing service you should be quickly on your way to having a successful and high ranking website. If you are looking at a free business listing site, you need to know what type of niche or business needs to be listing to be the directory. The business listing needs to be brief and outline your products, services or type of information that include some keywords and phrases unique to your website.

Taking your local business “NAP” (Name, Address, Phone number) data recorded on business directories, business listing sites, and citation sites help to improve ranking. However, backlinks from these sites can also have an advantage to SEO. Here we add 150+ business listing sites worldwide. This online business directory website will help to improve rank.

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100+ Business Directory Listing Sites List 2019:

Here is a new and verified high domain authority 100+  business directory listing sites in 2019. we have listed this directory site part by part according to domain authority.

High DA 100 – DA 92 Business Listing Sites:

No. Directory Name Industry Niche Alexa Rank DA
1 https://www.facebook.com/ General 3 100
2 https://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/local General 7 100
3 https://twitter.com General 12 100
4 https://www.instagram.com/ General 14 99
5 https://www.google.com/business/ General 1 98
6 https://www.linkedin.com General 33 98
7 https://www.allpages.com General 566993 98
8 https://appleid.apple.com Electronics 72 97
9 https://www.bing.com/ General 40 94
10 https://www.yelp.com/ General 186 94
11 https://www.tripadvisor.com/ Travel 234 93
12 https://www.bbb.org/ Business 4241 93
13 https://www.houzz.com/ Real Estate 1548 92
14 https://foursquare.com/ General 2550 92
15 https://www.mapquest.com/ Maps 2759 92
16 https://www.bizjournals.com/ Business 3550 92

High DA 91 – DA 84 Directory Listing Website:

No. Directory Name Industry Niche AR DA
17 https://www.zillow.com Real Estate 225 91
18 https://www.realtor.com/ Real Estate 719 91
19 https://www.crunchbase.com/ Business 2008 91
20 https://www.yellowpages.com/ General 3035 91
21 https://www.angieslist.com/ Real Estate 7590 91
22 www.city-data.com General 4141 90
23 https://www.theknot.com/ Wedding 2559 89
24 https://www.manta.com/ General 5466 88
25 www.citysearch.com General 82038 88
26 https://www.homeadvisor.com/ Real Estate 5616 87
27 https://www.weddingwire.com/ Wedding 8467 86
28 https://www.merchantcircle.com/ General 82024 86
29 https://www.opentable.com Food 2219 85
30 https://www.superpages.com/ General 21061 85
31 https://www.edmunds.com/ Automobile 3279 84
32 https://www.avvo.com/ Legal 7028 84

High DA 83 – DA 72 Directory Listing site:

No. Directory Name Industry Niche AR DA
33 https://www.cars.com/ Automobile 2097 83
34 https://mapcreator.here.com/ Maps 3037 82
35 https://www.thumbtack.com/ Personal 7101 82
36 https://www.whitepages.com/ General 1755 81
37 www.yellowbot.com/ General 251897 80
38 https://www.zomato.com Food 1222 79
39 https://www.tomtom.com Others 5474 79
40 https://www.healthgrades.com/ Health 7161 79
41 https://www.local.com/ General 19049 77
42 https://www.zoominfo.com Business 4275 76
43 https://www.hotfrog.com/ General 120344 76
44 https://www.kudzu.com/ Real Estate 131651 76
45 www.communitywalk.com/ Maps 186569 75
46 www.insiderpages.com/ General 309704 74
47 https://www.autotrader.co.uk/ Automobile 2475 73
48 www.brownbook.net/ General 135602 73
49 tupalo.com/ General 246322 72

High DA 69 – DA 66 Local Directory listing sites:

No. Directory Name Industry Niche AR DA
50 https://www.dealerrater.com/ Automobile 65385 69
51 https://www.dexknows.com/ General 88551 69
52 https://www.chamberofcommerce.com/ Business 91021 69
53 www.showmelocal.com/ General 139814 69
54 www.lacartes.com/ General 140359 69
55 https://www.americantowns.com/ General 246770 69
56 https://www.vitals.com/ Health 2489 68
57 https://www.yext.com General 34967 68
58 www.care.org/ Health 73464 68
59 ezlocal.com/ General 162134 68
60 www.homesandland.com/ Real Estate 170473 68
61 www.2findlocal.com/ General 205674 67
62 ebusinesspages.com/ General 319842 67
63 https://www.salespider.com/ Others 118530 66
64 www.spoke.com/ General 191624 66
65 citysquares.com/ General 211313 66

High DA 65 – DA 61 Local Business Directory Site:

No. Directory Name Industry Niche AR DA
66 https://www.ratemds.com Health 30589 65
67 https://www.dandb.com/businessdirectory/ Others 69749 65
68 www.worldweb.com/ General 140873 65
69 https://botw.org/ General 255156 65
70 cityvoter.com/ Others 125388 64
71 https://www.ibegin.com/ General 232637 63
72 https://www.fyple.com/ Business 399315 63
73 www.yellowpagecity.com General 414401 63
74 https://www.judysbook.com/ General 485803 63
75 www.tuugo.us General 286775 62
76 https://www.yasabe.com Others 391588 62
77 www.magicyellow.com/ General 118629 61
78 localedge.com/ General 488730 61

High DA 60 – DA 57 Local Business Listing Sites:

No. Directory Name Industry Niche AR DA
79 https://www.411.com/ General 46805 60
80 www.callupcontact.com/ Business 93763 60
81 https://www.elocal.com/ General 250022 60
82 https://company.com/ General 268804 60
83 www.finduslocal.com Business 288147 60
84 hub.biz/ Business 197062 59
85 https://www.n49.com/ Business 255989 59
86 www.myhuckleberry.com/ General 327123 59
87 cityinsider.com/ Business 467994 58
88 https://www.golocal247.com/ General 494374 58
89 where2go.com/ Business 602628 58
90 https://www.opendi.us/ General 342663 57
91 www.mysheriff.net/ Business 436883 57
92 www.localpages.com/ General 548732 57

High DA 60 – DA 57 Business Listing Sites:

No. Directory Name Industry Niche AR DA
93 www.areaconnect.com/ General 232393 56
94 https://www.cityfos.com/ General 313421 56
95 https://www.yellowpagesgoesgreen.org/ General 323877 56
96 https://www.bizhwy.com/ Business 347257 56
97 https://www.8coupons.com/ Others 562062 56
98 https://www.cylex.us.com/ General 267170 55
99 https://www.smartguy.com/ Business 401364 55
100 https://localstack.com General 192041 54
101 www.restaurants.com/ Food 337456 54
102 https://www.discoverourtown.com/ContactPage.php General 688012 54
103 https://www.yalwa.com/ General 499590 52
104 www.allonesearch.com/ General 887563 52
105 www.nexport.com/ Business 1743885 52
106 https://www.yellowise.com/ Real Estate 1696751 51

High DA 60 – DA 57 online business directory website:

No. Directory Name Industry Niche AR DA
107 https://www.doctor.com/ Health 171431 50
108 https://usdirectory.com/ General 438148 50
109 wowcity.com General 91743 49
110 https://www.ehardhat.com/ Real Estate 1169254 49
111 www.yellowusa.com/ General 1968707 49
112 https://411.info/ General 182100 48
113 https://www.forlocations.com/ Maps 329122 48
114 https://contractors.com/ Real Estate 1375201 48
115 bizadee.com/ Business 1566539 48
116 https://ziplocal.com/zipcontent/ General 1833239 48
117 https://www.wand.com General 759493 47
118 https://bizidex.com General 1981206 33
119 https://www.getfave.com/ Maps 428884 28


Keep in mind don’t forget to create backlinks to your page. It is a great way to generate targeted traffic from all of the social media sites, guest posting sites, forum posting sites, web 2.0 sites, and group discussion pages. When you are building links to blogs, for example, make sure that what you are writing in the blogs is relevant to your pages. The higher the number of backlinks to your page may also affect your visibility. ll have a better chance of being successful.

Bangladesh Business Directory:

The following website offering service focusing on Bangladesh location and free business directories listing opportunity. Add a free business listing with name, address, image, phone number as well as videos. Here are given top free listing sites for Bangladesh.

High DA 49 – DA 21 online business directory Bangladesh:

No. Directory Name Industry Niche AR DA
1 www.web-directories.ws General 993615 49
2 www.bangladesh.com General 650227 43
3 www.bdtradeinfo.com General 185074 43
4 www.addressbazar.com General 711119 39
5 www.bdyellowbook.com General 723496 39
6 www.bangladeshyellowpages.com General 369703 37
7 https://bizbangladesh.com General 2214405 35
8 www.bangladeshseek.com General 35
9 bangladeshbusinessdir.com General 454534 34
10 www.etradelisting.com General 2865742 32
11 https://wpgroupbd.com General 3011817 28
12 www.bdquery.com General 1613633 21

How To Set Up Your Local Business Directory Listing Account:

With this video, you can easily learn how to set up a local business directory listing which is effective.

Best Technic for Local business listing:

Always read and follow the guidelines provided for business directory site submissions and creating backlinks as you will have a better chance of being successful.

For this reason, you have to follow a few methods accurately when you listing local business directory sites in order to get more exposure on the online of your business.

When you try to create local business directory listing, regardless of whether at Google, Facebook, Yelp, or somewhere else, you’ll be rounding out a shape with a particular arrangement of fields:

  1. Business name/title
  2. Address
  3. elephone number
  4. Site URL
  5. Catagory
  6. Description
  7. Tagline
  8. Social profiles
  9. Pictures
  10. Alternative numbers
  11. Fax number
  12. Certification
  13. Brands Carried
  14. Payment Form Accepted
  15. Attributes


It is most important to get more feedback on the web. In the beginning, no one knows about your business and the name of your company. So you should suppose to add the specific keyword which mentions your products or service. Such as, your company name “Rank Trends” and your business niche is SEO services. Then you can add Rank Trends SEO service company. Here SEO service company is a keyword which has a search volume. So If you include this keyword phrase to your business name then your targeted customer find your business easily. But the best and proper way add only your business name without any keyword, geographic term or any other information.

Business Directory Listing to 150 Directory Submission Sites


An address is the most other local SEO factors. It will help search engines to recognize your location. Hence when a customer searches this keyword near your location the search engines will show your business to them. So using a proper address with proper spelling will improve more visibility.

Phone Number:

Provide same phone number to every business directory sites. It will help to improve trust with search engines


Write a description of at least 250 words with your targeted keywords. But you have to remember about keyword stuffing. Please don’t add keyword more than 1.5% of your whole words. Also, each and every business directory listing you should write the unique description.

Add Logo:

Upload one logo and image at lease. If you have not a logo, then design it for your business through a logo designer.

Add URL:

Add your homepage URL if you find this option. If business directory sites did not provide URL option, then add yourdomain.com into the description.

Dofollow Directory Submission Sites List:

What is dofollow? With the source of warrior forum, Dofollow backlinks are the sort of backlinks which increment page rank and furthermore increase traffic to your site. How it increments the page rank? a search engine has a metric called page ranker calculating the link point of the page. When someone clicks a specific page that page wins more point.

If the specific page acquires more clicks the web crawler will take it as a good page in search results for the user utilizing PageRank, the more clicked gained the more possibility the page will rank higher in search results. As well as come to increase the traffic source hope everyone knows the more taps on a specific page with the various visitor the more traffic you get.

Now we are going to share a high domain authority business directory website which will help increase the domain authority of your website. As well as dofollow directory submission sites list will help you to build high-quality backlinks

High DA Dofollow Business Listing sites 2018 DA98 – DA67:

No. Site Industry DA
1 Google My Business General 98
2 bing.com General 94
3 tripadvisor.com travel 93
4 www.directory.independent.co.uk General 93
5 mapquest.com Map 92
6 lawyers.justia.com Legal 87
7 merchantcircle.com General 86
8 whitepages.com General 81
9 www.local.com General 77
10 kudzu.com General 76
11 communitywalk.com Maps 75
12 truelocal.com.au General 74
13 www.tupalo.com General 72
14 www.lacartes.com General 69
15 192.com General 68
16 www.scoot.co.uk General 67
17 yelloyello.com General 67

High PR dofollow directories 2018 from DA65 – DA55:

No. Site Industry DA
18 local.botw.org General 65
19 www.worldweb.com General 65
20 www.expressbusinessdirectory.com General 64
21 iBegin.com General 63
22 canpages.ca General 63
23 fyple.com General 63
24 thomsonlocal.com General 62
25 trustlink.org General 61
26 elocal.com General 60
27 n49.com General 59
28 find-us-here.com General 58
29 factual.com General 57
30 opendi.us General 57
31 www.lekkoo.com General 57
32 cityfos.com General 56
33 iglobal.co General 56
34 cataloxy.com General 55
35 www.clickblue.us General 55

DA 54- DA 33 dofollow directory submission sites list 2018:

No. Site Industry DA
36 uksmallbusinessdirectory.co.uk General 54
37 whodoyou.com General 54
38 www.thetradefinder.co.uk General 53
39 www.sdnews.com General 52
40 www.businessnetwork.co.uk General 52
41 www.nexport.com General 52
42 parkbench.com General 51
43 www.company.fm General 49
44 www.uk.bizadee.com General 48
45 www.lawlink.com Legal 48
46 wand.com General 47
47 www.businessspread.co.uk General 47
48 opendi.co.uk General 45
49 www.searchme4.co.uk General 42
50 www.pathlegal.com Legal 41
51 www.b99.co.uk General 34
52 teleadreson.com General 33


Here we have shared all new update do follow directories sites list. It will help to boost your website ranking as well as increase traffic, leads, and sales.

Nofollow Business Directory List:

What is no follow? Nofollow backlinks were first presented by Jason Shellen and Matt Cutts in 2005. Nofollow backlinks are one sort of HTML attributes that are utilized to show searcher engine bots that you no compelling reason to take after the hyperlinks focused on different site or pages. That implies; people can just take after the no follow backlinks. In the event that the web search tools don’t take after those links, the links juice can’t go into the pages where you link to. As well as it does not influence ranking but it will help to increase traffic, leads, and sales.

nofollow attribute form is given below:

<a href=”https://support.ranktrends.com/” rel=”nofollow”>Rank Trends Support Center </a>

As per wiki, Google reported in mid-2005 that hyperlinks with rel=”nofollow” would not impact the link target’s PageRank. what’s more, the Yahoo and Bing search engines also respect this attribute value.

On June 15, 2009, Google programming engineer Matt Cutts reported on his blog that GoogleBot changed the way it treats followed links, in order to prevent website admins from utilizing no follow for PageRank chiseling. Before this, website admins would put no follow tag on a portion of their links in order to increase the PageRank of the other pages.

Because of this change, the utilization of no follow leads evaporation of PageRank of outgoing normal links as they began counting total links while figuring page rank. The new framework divides page rank by a total number of outgoing links irrespective of no follow or follows links, yet passes the page rank just through follow or normal links. Cutts clarified that if a page has 5 ordinary no follow links and 5 no follow outgoing links, the page rank will be divided by 10 links and one share is passed by 5 normal links.

.what is nofollow image rank trends

What is different between do follow and no follow hyperlinks?

Dofollow= google bot and guest visit you site link juice go from do follow interface.

Nofollow= no one but guest can visit your site with no follow links

So, we can say nofollow business directories list can take a vital part for off page SEO. Now we are going to share high domain authority business directory listing which will help increase traffic, leads, and sales. As well as no follow directory submission sites list will help you to build more social signal.

About 50 high DA no follow business directory sites:

  1. www.facebook.com
  2. www.foursquare.com
  3. www.yelp.com
  4. www.angieslist.com
  5. www.houzz.com
  6. www.hotfrog.com.au
  7. www.findlaw.com
  8. www.superpages.com
  9. www.yell.com
  10. www.manta.com
  11. www.yellowpages.com
  12. www.fonolive.com
  13. www.avvo.com
  14. www.hg.org
  15. www.getfave.com
  16. www.yellowbook.com
  17. www.aboutus.com
  18. www.spoke.com
  19. www.showmelocal.com
  20. www.chamberofcommerce.com
  21. www.2Findlocal.com
  22. www.hotfrog.com
  23. www.brownbook.net
  24. www.cylex-uk.co.uk
  25. www.hotfrog.co.uk
  26. www.tipped.co.uk
  27. www.salespider.com
  28. www.misterwhat.co.uk
  29. www.citysquares.com
  30. www.golocal247.com
  31. www.cylex.ca
  32. www.hotfrog.ca
  33. www.cybo.com
  34. www.hub.biz
  35. www.cylex.com.au
  36. www.bisnzz.com
  37. www.tuugo.co.uk
  38. www.agreatertown.com
  39. www.callupcontact.com
  40. www.callupcontact.com
  41. www.finduslocal.com
  42. www.bizvotes.com
  43. www.infoisinfo.co.uk
  44. www.citylocal.co.uk
  45. www.mysheriff.co.uk
  46. www.tupalo.net
  47. www.cylex.us.com


Don’t go crazy and use every directory submission service you can find, just choose a limited number and ask to be included. If you suddenly appear on too many directories the search engine will view you as spam and not include your article in the results list. For the same reason, you need to be careful when building backlink to directories and other web pages to ensure that all links are relevant as well as high quality. You also need to ensure that all internal backlinks are going to the correct pages and not getting lost.


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