Best SEO Training in Bangladesh

Rank Trends is the best SEO training center in Bangladesh that provide advanced SEO training. SEO training in Bangladesh is one of the best skill development course which is provided by Rank Trends. If you want to build an online career, then you should participate in this training program. As well as after complete this online SEO course, you can dominate Google, search engines and your competitor.

Our advanced SEO training not only best but also it is the most reasonable and effective SEO course price in bd. As well as, it is suitable for beginners to expert. Also, if you join this SEO Bangla tutorial full course and complete your training with maintain instruction then you can able to rank any website on google and generate more organic traffic to your website or your clients website easily.

If you want to learn extra more from the best SEO training center in Dhaka then enroll our advanced SEO training program and confirm your seat.

Advanced SEO

How to integrate a business website to rank on the search engine on the first page. How to make a plan to increase organic traffic, leads, and sales. Step by step instruction to hack your rival’s strategy.

Behind The Secrete of Google

Behind the scenario of what is Google rolling out this year and update. What is changing and how to make a plan for the future? How to replacing SEO strategy of dying SEO method.

SEO Strategy Blueprint

How to implement maximum ROI formula for getting the fastest result. Step by step instructions to discover more valuable keywords than ever before. Why most business website did not get success and how to fix these problems.

Advanced SEO technique

How analyst a business website. Step by step instructions to get a result without any suspicious tactics and avoid penalties. Step by step instruction on how to get multiple SEO results in other areas.

WordPress Web Development

How to build a dynamic WordPress website with scratch. Step by step instruction to build any kind of business website using WordPress. How to migrate and transfer a website from staging to live.

Web Search Console

How to submit a business website on Google search console. How to control your indexing coverage issue and fixed. Step by step instruction on how to integrate and monitoring Google analytic data.

Affiliate Marketing

How affiliate marketing work. How to build an affiliate website to earn a passive income. How to make six-figure to promote your affiliate links.

Digital Marketing

How to make an eye-catching video with Camtasia studio. How to rank your youtube video. Step-by-step instructions on how to hack traffic from youtube and social media.


How to start your online business. Behind the secrets of outsourcing marketplace. How to make money within a short time from freelancing market place.




This is Md. Yousuf Ali, SEO expert, entrepreneur, web design & developer, will organize advanced SEO training. Just a few months ago starterstory.com and dztechno.com publish his interview into their platform for his success. If you want to become a freelancer or want to control your online business, then this is the great opportunity to get the best SEO training in Bangladesh.

Md. Yousuf Ali

SEO Expert | Web Design and Developer

Course Price

Regular Price BDT 12000.00 but due to Corona Virus situation our running quarantine offer Tk.2000 (Save 80{22818c00a7b750be185f543993226ee9eb13263a9c1755b8c3f40ee3c0c01c64} for Limited Time)


Regular Course Fee Tk.12000


Weekly 3 Days


Per Session

bKash Payment


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Why Rank Trends is the Best SEO training in Bangladesh?

Rank Trends is the best SEO Training in Bangladesh because we have world-class and high experience SEO specialists who will teach you every single SEO factor such that you can rank any website in a perfect way. Also, with these online SEO training in Bangladesh, you can learn how to build an SEO-friendly WordPress website, secrete of social media marketing, amazon affiliate marketing, and content writing strategies.

Moreover, with this SEO Tutorial, you can also learn about search engine marketing, local SEO technic, Google map ranking factors, technical SEO, international SEO, email marketing, and more. So you can save lots of money to participate in this training program. As well as you will learn advanced off-page SEO and on-page SEO with the cost-effective SEO course price in bd.

Overview of Advanced Live SEO Training in Bangladesh:

This advance live SEO training in Bangladesh demonstrates to design your website improvement, how to make plan your search engine optimization, SEO audit & analysis, local SEO optimization, keyword research, no follow and do follow backlinks strategy, estimation, and both onsite and offsite SEO strategies that will build characteristic inquiry movement and coming about clients.

It will demonstrate to delegates generally accepted methods to utilize SEO strategies to win new clients, ensure existing clients can discover what they are searching for, and to make a gainful and feasible online business.

Who Should Attend This Professional SEO Training Course in Bangladesh?

Blogger or business owner or advertising agency or website owner who is required to plan and actualize an SEO program in both B2B and B2C markets. They will either have involvement in arranging and running SEO programs. To amplify the estimation of this professional SEO training course in Bangladesh, representatives can convey access to their own Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics records and raise any SEO program particular issues.

Whatever you are ( beginners, blogger, web developer, entrepreneur, business owner, and SEO expert ) it does not matter, you will learn extra something more top-secret SEO strategies from this professional SEO course in Bangladesh.

How Will Be Benefited After Complete This advanced SEO Training?

Here are few details about how will be benefited after complete this advanced SEO Training:

  • Will be able to rank any website on the google first page.
  • Able to rank any kind of youtube video.
  • You can easily grab organic traffic, leads, and sales.
  • After this training program, you can start any kind of online business or you can build up your career with a digital corporate job.
  • You can build up your freelancing career as an SEO expert.
  • Able to work as an SEO expert through a various marketplace like Fiverr and up-work.
  • Will be able to Dominate Google, search engines, and your competitors.
  • You can develop WordPress websites.
  • Also, you can build an Amazon affiliate marketing business.
  • You will know the secrete of social media marketing.


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Benefites Of Our Advanced SEO Training

What Rank Trends can do for you if you learn SEO? It’s no secret that the world of technology has grown rapidly over the past decade. Not only has it altered the way we perform everyday tasks like banking and shopping, but it’s completely changed the way we communicate with friends, family, and colleagues. Whether you agree or disagree with all of the changes, you simply can’t deny that it’s all quite brilliant.

Technology are some things that we can’t escape. it’s raced through our homes and has now trickled its way into our workplace. We are all aware that everything is now done online and basic human skills and calculators are all slightly inadequate.

Therefore everyone should develop their digital skill to go ahead with technology and Rank Trends is the place where you’ll develop your technology and digital skill. Our advanced SEO training program is superb for increasing digital knowledge. It can develop digital skills in bulk and once you recognize the ins and outs, you’ll generally run your business right from here otherwise you can build up your digital career through different corporate sectors or various outsourcing marketplace.

Our SEO training in Bangladesh has been designed from basic to advance level. So, if you are a beginner, then you have to no need to worry, you can learn basic SEO. as well as, if you know basic, then you can learn the secrets of SEO. For this reason, our basic and advanced SEO training are able to build up your career as a freelancer and digital marketing specialist.

Class Modulo

=== Modulo 1 ===

1. What is SEO and how it works?
2. What is SEO Algorithm?
3. Why SEO is important?
4. Type of SEO
5. How to Google rank a website?
6. SERP Analysis


=== Modulo 2 ===
++Domain & Hosting++

1. What is Domain & Hosting
2. How to Choose a Domain Name
3. What is Niche?
4. What is SSL and How to Fix it?


=== Modulo 3 ===
++Advance Keyword Research++

1. What is a keyword & how to factor it is
2. Difference between broad keyword and long-tail keyword
3. Keyword research pro-technic
4. How to find out competitive keyword
5. Discover keyword research tools
6. How to rank at search engines with a specific keyword

7. KGR – Keyword Golden Ration



=== Modulo 4 ===
++Advance On-Page SEO++

1. Title Tag Optimization
2. Meta Tag Optimization
3. Page Optimization
4. Content Optimization
5. URL Optimization
6. Heading Tag Optimization
7. Inbound Link Optimization
8. Outbound Link Optimization
9. Anchor Tag Optimization
10. Image Optimization
11. Keyword Density Optimize
12. How to Avoid Keyword Stuffy
13. SEO Friendly Site structure Design
14. Duplicate Issue Optimize
15. Canonical Issue Optimize


=== Modulo 5 ===
++E-Commerce SEO++

1. Compare E-commerce SEO
2. Site Structure Design
3. Technical SEO
4. Ranking Factors Technic
5. Product Keyword Research Technic


=== Modulo 6===
++Google Search Algorithms++

1. Panda
2. Penguin
3. Pirate
4. Hummingbird
5. Pigeon
6. Mobile Friendly
7. Rankbrain
8. Possum
9. Fred


=== Modulo 7 ===
++ International SEO++

1. What is international SEO
2. Difference between local and international SEO
3. How to implement it
4. Technic of international SEO


=== Modulo 8 ===
++ Ranking Factor ++

1. Image Ranking Factor
2. Outbound Link Ranking Factor
3. Inbound Link Ranking Factor
4. Video Ranking Factor
5. Info-graphic Ranking Factor
6. Social Signal Ranking Factor


=== Modulo 9 ===
++ Technical SEO++

1. Internal Linking
2. HTTP Code
3. 404 & 301 optimize
3. Web Performance
4. Yoast Plugin or Other SEO plugin Configuration
5. Robort.txt Issue Optimization
6. Sitemap Generate
7. Page Loading Speed Optimization with Free & Premium Tools
8. Google Search Console Integration
9. Google Analytic Integration


=== Modulo 10 ===
++ Technology++

1. Structure Data
2. JavaScript Basic
3. Google Mobile-First Indexing


=== Modulo 11 ===
++ Local SEO Practical ++

1. What is Local SEO
2. How to Implement It
3. Important of Local SEO
4. What is NAP Consistency
5. How to Setup NAP
6. Local Map Optimize
7. What is Local Citation
8. Local Citations listings
9. Local classified listing
10. Google Business Page Creation
11. Bing Local Listing Creation
12. Local Business Listings


=== Modulo 12 ===
++ Link Building (Off-Page) ++

1. Important of Backlinks?
2. Web 2.0 Backlinks Technic
3. Social Bookmarking Technic
4. Guest posting technic
5. Blogging Comment Technic
6. Forum Backlinks Technic
7. Question and Answer Technic
8. Press Release Technic
9. Infographic Creation Technic
10. Social Profile Optimize Technic
11.Social Signal Improving Technic
12. Directory Listing Technic
13. Citation Listing Technic
14. Google Rolling Out Strategy

15. and more



=== Modulo 13 ===
++ Web Design & Development ++

1. Create a Dynamic Website with Premium Theme and Plugin
2. Create a Niche Website
3. Discussing Plugin
4. Plugin Install and Implementation
5. Discussing Theme
6. Theme Customizing Technic
7. Theme Optimize Technic
8. Dashboard Customization
9. Website Menu Decorate
10. Difference Between Page & Post
11. Dynamic Contact Form Create
12. Build an E-commerce Website
13. Create News & Blog Website
13. Create an Affiliate Website
14. Loading Speed Optimize
16. Premium Plugin Customization


=== Modulo 14 ===
++ Audit and Analysis ++

1. Analysis & Auditing Technic
2. Discover Analysis Tools
3. Error Discover and Fixed
4. Competitor Analysis
5. Backlinks Analyse
6. Panelist Analysis & Fixed
7. Mobile-Friendly Analysis
8. Theme Responsive Analysis
9. Generate Analysis Report


=== Modulo 15 ===
++ Social Media Marketing ++

1. SMM Secrets
2. Facebook Marketing Technic
3. Catch FB Organic Traffic
4. How to Boost on FB
5. How to Promote Product
6. Facebook Marketing Tools
7. Twitter Marketing Technic
8. Promote Product on Twitter
9. Pinterest Marketing Technic
10. Instagram Marketing Technic
11. Reddit Marketing Technic
12. And Lots of More


=== Modulo 16 ===
++ Advanced SEO Technic++

1. How to bring a website to the top in all the search engines
2. How to start your own online business
3. New & advanced SEO methods
4. Advanced WordPress SEO
5. How to rank a website without backlinks
6. Advanced SEO tools and techniques
7. Advanced keyword research
8. How to get real people to review
9. How to drive free traffic to your website
10. Advanced Google ads management
11. Advanced Facebook ads management


=== Modulo 17 ===
++ Search Console ++

1. How to Add a Website to The Search Console
2. Robot.txt File Generate Technic
3. Sitemap Generate Technic
4. Integration Search Console & Analytics
5. Geo-Targeted Country Optimize
6. Crawl Stats Analysis Technic
7. Index Coverage Issue Discovering Technic
8. Keyword Ranking Analysis Technic
9. Fix Coverage Issue Technic
10. What is fetch and how it is work
11. Analysis Performance Report
12. Internal Linking Technic
13. and More


=== Modulo 18 ===
++ Video Marketing++

1. How to Drive Traffic From Video Platform
2. Video Creating and Submission Technic
3. How to Edit a Video on Video Editing Software
4. How to Properly Upload Youtube Video
3. How to Rank Your Video on Youtube
4. How to Boost Your Youtube Video


=== Modulo 19 ===
++ Email Marketing++

1. What is Email Marketing
2. How to Drive Traffic Through Email Marketing
3. How to Customize Email Template
4. How to Enhance Conversion Rate
2. How to Build Email List ( Lead Generate)
3. How to Promote your Product on Email

=== Modulo 20 ===
++Affiliate Marketing++

1. What is Affiliate Marketing
2. What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing
3. How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business
4. How to Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing
5. How to Make $500 Per Month from Amazon
6. How to Choose Niche
7. How to Choose Competitive Product
8. How to Promote Affiliate Product


=== Modulo 21 ===
++ Secrete ++

1. Google Ranking Secrete
2. Bink Ranking Secrete
3. Social Media Marketing Secrete
4. Free Traffic Generate


=== Modulo 22 ===
++ Content Marketing++

1. What is Content Marketing
2. How to Write SEO Friendly Content
3. How to Increase Website Traffic Through Content Marketing


=== Modulo 23 ===
++ Internee & Marketplace ++

1. Live Practical Workshop
2. Discus with Freelancing Marketplace
3. How to Start Your Freelancing Career or Own business

Why Should Learn SEO from Best SEO Training Center?

Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing strategy designed tо improve rank a website on the search еngіnеѕ result page. Sеаrсh Engine Oрtіmіzаtіоn is a field that hаѕ an amazing іmрасt for online business. Good knowledge of the latest SEO strategies is a vital requirement tо funсtіоnіng wеll in the present online business environment.

Absulately, it’s true thаt ѕоmе techniques оf lеаrnіng SEO is bеttеr thаn оthеrѕ. After research, lots of SEO training center in Dhaka and all thіngѕ соnѕіdеrеd, we can say Rank Trends is the best SEO training Center in Dhaka located at Mirpur. Also, Rank Trends is the best source for uр-tо-dаtе information on SEO.


There has lots of benefit of learning SEO from the reputed SEO training center are as given below:

  • Thеу tech the student in deep and provide thе more shallow understanding different sources оf SEO іnfоrmаtіоn tеnd to promote.
  • The class modules are always dеѕіgnеd bу the top-rated SEO trainer.
  • They аrе consistently designed іn a way that mаkеѕ lеаrnіng fun and еffісіеntly.
  • They promote оnlу thе lаtеѕt strategies and techniques on SEO.


Learning SEO through various content and YouTube video will gіvе you some basic іdеа, but if you want to learn complete SEO from basic to advanced level, you should look for top-rated SEO trainer and best SEO training center in Bangladesh. Best SEO trainer in Bangladesh consistently tech SEO іn ѕuсh a process thаt all thе strategies оf SEO аrе included, whісh mеаnѕ thаt every student can gеt a gооd gеnеrаl undеrѕtаndіng of SEO аftеr a fеw guidance periods. Website optimization training classes tаkе уоu fаr bеуоnd juѕt lеаrnіng dеtаіlѕ out оf context; thеу tech you еvеrуthіng іn techniques in such a manner thаt уоu саn wоrk towards соmрlеtе experties.

Best SEO trainer аlѕо recognize thеmѕеlvеѕ by collected the up to date information frоm various trusted ѕоurсеѕ. It іѕ real thаt thеrе іѕ a lоt оf SEO related material accessible оn thе web, yet the vаѕt mаjоrіtу оf thіѕ mаtеrіаl іѕ obsolete. Web optimization сhаngеѕ vеrу quickly, аnd уеѕtеrdау’ѕ experiences саn bе lеѕѕ than wоrthlеѕѕ. In оrdеr tо rеаllу bеnеfіt from SEO learning, уоu nееd just thе most recent SEO strategies.

Best SEO Trainer in Bangladesh

Are you looking best SEO trainer in Bangladesh? Do you want to learn advanced SEO? Then you are in the right place. We have a world-class and high experience SEO trainer in Bangladesh who has more than 7 years of experience in the training industry.

SEO is a powerful marketing strategy for online businesses. As search engine algorithms update and improve their search query result, so SEO expert must upgrade their training strategy for providing the latest SEO trends and techniques.

If the SEO trainer considering is focused on keyword density, the usual link-building strategy, and creating complex metatags, then this will not work perfectly these days.


These strategies perfectly worked 2-5 years ago, not so now. The best search engine optimization these days is much more upgraded and much more complexed. So, learning ordinary SEO will not help your career. Web optimization is hard work, so take some time to choose the best SEO trainer in Bangladesh.


Rank Trends is the best SEO training center in Bangladesh that employs qualified SEO trainers who are highly skilled and experienced in both training and SEO.

Who is the Best SEO Trainer in Bangladesh:

Md. Yousuf Ali;

Right now, Md. Yousuf Ali is the best SEO trainer in Bangladesh. Also, He is the top SEO trainer in Bangladesh who knows the right process of training strategies. He has over 7 years of experience in the training industry.

What is SEO and How It Works?

Being engaged in SEO (Search engine optimization) in many ways over time. I even have been asked what is SEO and how it works? tons of occasions to count. I actually have even been asked this at SEO conferences. But without a doubt, whenever I’m at some non-work-related social event and someone asks me what I do for a living. and that I say” I do SEO for businesses as well as their websites” what’s SEO and the way it works? Almost consistently follows. Sometimes in an effort. If I just say I actually do Internet Marketing, people pretty much suppose what that’s.


I want to tell people what SEO providers and the way to do search engine optimization. Because the more folks that know what SEO is that the more individuals will understand the procedure. As, well as the more respect the industry will get. search engine optimization is the process of raising a site’s existence to the highest of search engines such as Google and Bing when it’s related to a specific keyword phrase.


I had to add that last part because if I see a golf course website at the top of a results page when I type in “cheap woman’s purses”. I wouldn’t say that the golf course website is exactly optimized. although it’s at the top of the search engine. Web optimization always starts and ends with the web page, but more particularly it refers to the information on the website.


Still now if you probably did not understand what’s SEO and the way it works. Enroll in our SEO Bangla tutorial Which is the cheapest SEO course price in bd. Our high experience as an SEO Trainer will clearly explain what’s SEO and how it works.


What is SEO marketing :

To get a far better understanding of what’s SEO marketing, you would like to first get an understanding of the methods you want your blog to act. tons of people want their website to produce them with a web presence. Also, increase their overall marketing and advertising goals.


Basically, most business owners would love it if their website brought in good reliable leads or purchases. It’s better to possess a much bigger website with a separate page for products or services instead of just have one service website listing all the services provided.


So if you’re in the “affordable woman’s purses” business and you sell over forty different types of purses. It’s necessary to make a page for every purse and write unique content on every single webpage for PageRank. the reason is correctly for one Internet users don’t have much patience.


So if someone is checking out a specific purse or other product it’s important to possess that website indexed into the search engine results pages (SERPs) instead of the home page. Because if your homepage is what you’re optimizing. Then you’re expecting that the person looking for trying to find your products or services has the patience to search through your website to find the precise product they want.


SEO Content:

The fact is you would like to grab a person’s interest in 7 seconds or much less, or they’re getting to bounce. there’s such a thing called duplicate content. If your coping and pasting product or service information from another site. The Google bots will realize that, which is able to work against you as a part of your SEO goals.


So, if your planning on performing search engine marketing on your own, for your own website. Be able to do tons of writing. However, this could not be too big of a problem, since your writing about products and services you probably observe all the time, proper?

Moreover, you’ll learn SEO marketing far better through our SEO Bangla tutorial online course.


What are Backlinks in SEO :

Backlinks are incoming links to a website from another website. Any white hat SEO company will explain that your websites need good quality and relevant inbound backlinks to supply your site’s authority. this is an especially time-consuming and painstaking process that involves tons of hard work, some creativity, and tons of writing as well.


The Way of Backlinks:

There are some ways to seek out high-quality backlinks for your website, by utilizing content marketing, forums posting, press releases, business directory listing, web 2.0 site for link building, guest posting, social bookmark submitting, and plenty of others. But the most important thing to recollect is to make sure that your hyperlinks/backlinks are coming from a relevant source.


“our online SEO Training in Bangladesh will assist you to form an expert create backlinks. also as you’ll learn the secrets of do-follow backlinks through our Bangla SEO tutorial online course program.”


The confusing part, when I explain this process is where I start to speak about PR Juice or clout. this is once you create inbound backlinks from a website that features a Page Rank of 4. also as it’s backlinking to your site, which features a PR( Page Rank ) of two. a number of the PR from that site will enter into your website giving it authority.


I.E. If you’ve got 100 content articles about cooking snacks with backlinks pointing to your online cookie store. Then those inbound links will add juice or clout to your site. Then it’ll receive a high PageRank. also because the high a website’s page rank the more likely it’ll be at the highest of search engines.


The main points of this article are to means what’s SEO and how it works. the two main components of Google’s or bing or search engines algorithm formula is relevance and that is what I used to be talking about once I was discussing unique content. And offering every product or service has got to a specific website. Another part is that the authority which relates to the backlinks building from top quality and relevant sites.


How to do Search Engine Optimization?

There have two sorts of SEO for program optimization:

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO

What is on-page SEO?

On-Page SEO: on-page SEO optimization refers to each particular page and content optimization inside your website. so as to extend page rank at search engines and generate more traffic. to understand what’s secrete on-page SEO techniques for correct optimization and top ranking. Enroll in our online SEO training in Bangladesh.


What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO: Off-page SEO optimization refers to figure which is outside of your website for program ranking like link building, promotion, press release, content sharing, image sharing, social media activity, video marketing and more. off-page SEO factors are most vital for Google ranking and program ranking.


Still now if you probably did not understand what’s the difference between on-page and off-page SEO. Then participate in our online SEO Training In Bangladesh and rank any website to look engines on the primary page.

Best SEO Training Center in Dhaka

Are you looking best SEO training center in Dhaka, Bangladesh,? Do you want to know behind the screen of Google algorithms? Yes, you are coming to the right place. Rank Trends is one of the best SEO training centers in Dhaka which is located at Mirpur. We have a world-class and high experience SEO trainer who is able to develop your digital skill. Also, Rank Trends is the best option to learn SEO, WordPress, affiliate marketing, Amazon affiliate, and digital marketing


SEO Course Price in Bangladesh:

ranktrends.com is one of the simplest online SEO training centers in Dhaka. Our SEO course price in BD not only lowest than others but also much higher demandable and effective. to stay in mind all quiet people, we fancy set this cost such anyone can participate in our online SEO training program. Also, it’s far better than others.

Why Online Live Training Sessions

Live conferencing is the newest trend for education and it is enhancing day by day in this coronavirus pandemic situation. Similarly, a large portion of the organizations is currently trying to arrange virtual training for their students. Virtual classroom and E-learning arrangements are the piece of online training courses which can invigorate the workers in developing the skills and ability.


Normally, the institutions organize training sessions in specific areas and request that the students move to that area to the participants in the training program. At present these systems are changing with the support of live conferencing software. Presently the students can participate in the training program of the trainer online, by being anyplace all throughout the planet.


Organizations with various quantities of students utilize a video conferencing arrangement as a training device. Online training with live conferencing software is more affordable and more compelling than classroom training. This innovation will facilitate the company in decreasing the expense and time that is being managed for physical training. Without considering voyaging and expenses, live online training innovation has advantages of preparing the live online training course.


Viability in Learning and Improvement of Knowledge:

Most of the organizations arrange for newbie trainees to have a fly for training to a remote area which is being focused on the mentors and students. Live conferencing is working with the trainees to communicate with the mentor for training courses by being anyplace all throughout the planet.


Learning viability can be seen after the training course, online courses have an option to remark on the meeting and tell the review of the course. This is the spot to face the challenges to connect and to demonstrate their skills without moving from their own places.


The mentor can communicate with the students from different areas, however, the meeting can be directed in an interactive manner. Web Conferencing Software works within sharing and sending the records and documents to every one of the participants or chose specific member from the conference in live training itself. Any type of information can be shared and moved to the students quickly by being inside the meeting.


At last, it tends to be inferred that a web conferencing tool is the best solution for the online training courses where the mentor can utilize video conferencing to disclose to the trainee about the course modulo exhaustively. It is the best solution to minimize the cost of training and skill development.


This is the advanced and latest SEO course this year. during this SEO training in Bangladesh, you’ll get conversant in all the new & advanced techniques and tools to urge your site to the highest all the online engines. Search Engine Optimization methods changing from time to time. Google changing its algorithms consistently 500-600 times during a year. So within the event that you simply are utilizing unspecified methods, you’ll lose your positioning.


Q: What is the payment method?

A: Right now we only accept the bKash payment method.

Q: When does the course start?

A: We will inform you after complete registration.

Q: Live-streaming or pre-recorded?

A: Live-streaming course

Q: Need to visit your office?

A: No need to visit our office, Right now we are active online.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: Refund only applicable if we are unable to organize our course or if you did not attend our class.

Q: How to pay on bKash?

A: Step – 1: Dial *247#
Step – 2: Select “Payment” Option
Step – 3: bKash Merchant Number 01751450075
Step – 4: Amount
Step – 5: Reference: “Your Name and Course Name”
Step – 6: Counter Number: 0
Step – 7: PIN

Let’s Confirm Your Seat

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