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dofollow forum posting site list 2018

What is Forum Posting?

Forum posting is the method for the online discussion to share knowledge with one another through various forum sites. To discuss your purpose of your the given topic and leave your feedback on the topic as well as your website name. Also, Forum posting site helps you to get high authority backlinks. Lots of people come to the forum sites to learn. Forum posting is the most powerful method to create high authority do follow backlinks. Here you will discover free high PR (PageRank) 75+ dofollow forum posting sites list in 2019. So begin forum posting and boots your site.

How to Work a Forum Site?

We know about Forum Posting Sites are the best backlink source. However, most  of us don’t know how to work a forum site see the below picture

How to work forum posting

This Image taking from how to wp blogging

PR9 and PR8 dofollow forum posting sites list 2018:

1 www.flickr.com/help/forum 9 68 97 367
2 forum.joomla.org/ 9 78 93 9830
3 www.sba.gov/community 8 55 90 23458
4 social.microsoft.com/Forums 8 63 96 37
5 www.chronicle.com/forums 8 51 87 13284
6 chronicle.com/forums/ 8 51 57 13284
7 www.cnet.com/forums/ 8 62 93 169
8 forums.hostgator.com 8 73 91 1971
9 www.phpbb.com/community 8 65 92 58410
10 forum.statcounter.com/vb 8 63 95 3828
11 forum.parallels.com 8 64 93 19067
12 forum.videolan.org 8 60 91 2260
13 forums.cpanel.net 8 66 93 9015

PR7 dofollow forum posting sites list 2019:

14 www.sitepoint.com/forums 7 57 77 2483
15 www.ubuntuforums.org 7 63 78 4812
16 www.forums.digitalpoint.com 7 60 80 36598
17 forums.slickdeals.net/ 7 63 75 428
18 www.bbpress.org/forums 7 53 70 104574
19 boards.core77.com 7 54 77 33831
20 forum.filezilla-project.org 7 58 82 13780
21 forum.siteground.com 7 54 91 5841
22 ubuntuforums.org 7 63 78 4816
23 forums.amd.com/ 7 53 88 2325
24 forums.careerbuilder.com 7 51 86 4545

PR6 forum posting site list:

25 www.warriorforum.com 6 60 70 10397
26 www.ableton.com/forum 6 50 69 6417
27 www.forums.seochat.com 6 57 68 59990
28 www.seroundtable.com/ 6 61 71 45456
29 webhostingtalk.com 6 61 69 23764
30 forums.seochat.com 6 57 68 59990
31 fhq.forumer.com 6 36 87 5963
32 www.eubusiness.com/discussion 6 47 68 541599
33 www.alice.org/community 6 44 59 909938
34 www.techsupportforum.com 6 55 66 26000
35 forums.afterdawn.com 6 53 73 28443
36 www.blackhatworld.com/ 6 57 64 7258
37 forum.maxthon.com 6 54 72 39300
38 forum.onlineconversion.com 6 37 48 59484
39 forums.delphiforums.com 6 57 70 55669

PR5 forum site list 2019:

40 www.v7n.com/forums 5 50 55 191660
41 www.namepros.com 5 53 54 49408
42 www.forums.onlinebookclub.org 5 37 46 26373
43 www.dnforum.com 5 52 51 390826
44 www.affiliateseeking.com/forums 5 46 49 361397
45 www.siteownersforums.com/index.php 5 52 60 432463
46 www.ls2.com 5 48 51 260617
47 www.affiliateseeking.com/ 5 51 49 361397
48 www.ozzu.com/ 5 51 49 288424
49 www.antionline.com/ 5 52 50 494399
50 arch.designcommunity.com 5 43 51 1361730
51 flashpanoramas.com/forum 5 38 49 1718906
52 forum.claroline.net 5 31 57 804127
53 forum.framasoft.org 5 47 58 126232
54 forum.isilo.com 5 43 51 1068966
55 www.smallbusinessbrief.com/forum 5 39 51 610971
56 www.dnforum.com 5 52 51 394925
57 codingforums.com 5 54 56 105770
58 siteownersforums.com/ 5 49 60 428006
59 trafficplanet.com/ 5 42 45 872279
60 forum.seopanel.in 5 46 47 567894
61 forums.spry.com 5 44 48 1858199

PR4 forum site list 2019:

62 www.webmasterforums.com 4 46 40 883162
63 www.htmlforums.com 4 47 43 1078267
64 www.webmasterserve.com 4 30 39 1832802
65 www.acorndomains.co.uk 4 46 39 540724
66 www.paymentprocessing.cc 4 46 44 2972600
67 www.webicy.com/ 4 47 44 545894
68 www.smallbusinessforums.org 4 48 43 636248
69 www.talkingcity.com 4 45 40 5106829
70 www.acorndomains.co.uk 4 48 43 540724
71 paymentprocessing.cc/ 4 44 44 2972600
72 www.htmlforums.com 4 49 47 1074692
73 forum.qarbon.com 4 41 45 2802822

PR3 & PR2 forum site list 2019:

74 letsforum.com/ 3 34 28 949312
75 www.countycricketclubs.co.uk 2 27 19 8901405
76 www.istoritve.com 2 29 24
77 www.gnonline.net/ 2 29 25 181458

Ensuring That You Choose The Right Dofollow Forum Sites:

Forum backlinks are one of the best methods to increase the amount of traffic that visits your site. Look at it as though all of the dofollow backlinks that are related to your website are in favor of what you have to offer. The more high-quality forum backlinks that you use across the web which directs back to your website, the higher of an opportunity that you have for more traffic coming into your homepage.

As a result of this, your website rank will go up. As well as your website will bring to the first page of the search engines results page (SERP’s). You are trying to get to the very top of the page in the category that you have to provide on the various search engines. If you want much more backlinks added to your website then you should have more posts located on various different forum sites and discussion boards.

Choose The Relevant Forum site or Forum Topic:

One thing that you will want to make certain of is that you choose a forum site that is related to the topic that you are trying to promote. If you do otherwise then you can get banned from the forum. On a good note, you do not have to do this alone. You can hire a forum posting service which has freelance writers. That will post reasonable comments to a thread which include your signature and website link. When other members of the forum see your website link. They can click on it to find out more about what you have to offer.

For example, if your website has to do with SEO service packages then you will want to post in an SEO related thread so that people will most likely notice your thread.

Forum Posting Sites List 2018

How do you go about Posting in the Thread?

The first thing that you need to do is sign up from different forum site list that has threads that discuss the topic that you have to offer. You can start new topics additionally, you can add your post to a topic that already exists. To those posts, you will need to web page link your website so that people will see the link when they browse the thread.

The link can be added to the post as your signature. It creates a backlink as well as lets others know about your website. You will end up having increased traffic directed to your website.

Be aware It can be difficult to keep up with a lot of things when you are managing your very own online business. It could be difficult looking for blogs and posts that would promote your website simply because it can take up a lot of time that you need for other things. This is why you will most likely end up hiring a forum posting service to help you with forum submission to threads with your signature backlinks added.

You just need to make sure you hire a company that is professional and good at what they do. They should be reliable read reviews before you hire a company.


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5 Great Reasons For Joining A Forum Sites To Increase Sales:

With the way, the internet has expanded over the past few years. It is now possible to access information on virtually any topic you can think about. The great thing about this is that virtually all of these topics have built online communities that anybody can join for free. These are more commonly known as forums. An online forum is either a website or a particular part of a website where members will discuss and post information on a certain subject, topic, hobby etc, that each member shares an interest in.

1) Forums are Great Places to Get A Question Answered or Problem Solved:

It’s great in order to read hundreds of articles on a particular subject, but they may not necessarily give you an answer to a question or resolve a problem you have. By joining a forum site on the subject you are interested in, you can post your question or problem. As well as another member (or customers) will be very happy to help you.

2) You can Set Yourself Up as an Expert Now:

You can turn this on its head by setting yourself up as the expert and becoming someone who posts answers to people’s questions or problems. By giving away free information or advice in this way you will be building up trust amongst fellow forum members. As well as your reputation will begin to grow. By establishing yourself as a trusted expert. People are going to be far more willing to consider buying from you. if you have a product or service to offer.

3) Other Members Will Recommend You:

Another great benefit of building a relationship with other forum members is that they are likely to recommend you. Such as their friends, family members or colleagues from outside of the forum.

4) You Can Work With Other Forum Experts To Help Each Other:

Because everything becoming posted in the forum is going to be related to a certain theme or subject. it means there will be other experts on the forum as well. Therefore you could exchange information and ideas with each other which can lead to increased sales for both of you.

Source of Information:

1) Search Engine Journal

2) SEO Training & Link Building

5) Exchange Backlinks:

Google or other search engines did not allow that kind of process but if you build look like a natural, then you can do this. Otherwise, avoid this step. If you and a fellow forum member have products that complement each other. You may well want to consider some kind of partnership. For example, if you sell Shoe equipment and another person on the forum specializes in regarding – appropriate shoes. You could both agree to recommend each other’s services by providing backlinks.

Whether you are just starting out or if you have a lot of knowledge to share. Joining a forum site on your topic is free. It is also a very good way of contacting people that will be interested in your product or service. Moreover, you might just find that you enjoy being part of the community of like-minded people.


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