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6 Software That Can Help You Increase Customer Recognition in 2021

Every online business should increase customer recognition to boost their sales. The ability to recognize the individuals who purchase your commodity or service and their value to your business is the Holy Grail of every marketer. The more you know about your customers, the more you can focus on relevant and people-based marketing. In the old days, merchants knew their customers by sight and by name. They built their businesses on the loyalty of these customers whom they provided a personalized customer experience. Today, this type of personal recognition is too difficult for most of the businesses. Businesses have become so large that the individuals can no longer store personal information about the customers in their heads.

However, the introduction of powerful and inexpensive computers has made it possible to store, in the computers, the type of data that the merchants used to store in their heads. This helps them to connect the right data to the right people and provide personal attention to each customer. Consequently, customer loyalty to the business grows resulting in increased sales.

The challenge to Increase customer recognition:

While there is no denying the importance of customer recognition, it is pertinent to know the challenges that increase customer recognition difficult for businesses. These challenges include:

  • Variation of customers’ data: We live in a world of constant change. Customers embrace huge lifestyle changes and businesses need to know the customers as they move across these changes. A study by The Data Warehouse Institute stated, “The problem with data is that its quality quickly degenerates over time. Experts say, 2{22818c00a7b750be185f543993226ee9eb13263a9c1755b8c3f40ee3c0c01c64} of records in a customer file become obsolete in one month because customers die, divorce, marry and move.” The challenges apply to both offline and the digital online space. Customers have different email addresses; they use different PCs and devices and multiple mobile numbers associated with their name. This is a lot of digital personas associated with one person.
  • Disparate sources: A business gets customer’s information from disparate sources which also presents issues to increase customer recognition. The customer’s contact and value information are often included in various data points from numerous sources. In order to make the recognition of customers better, businesses need to consolidate this information and link these fragments of data to one person.


To ensure this, different customer recognition systems have been introduced which provides accurate insights to drive better customer experience. All these systems have the following common elements:

  • A database: stores customers’ data
  • A personal customer service representative (CSR)
  • Caller-ID: connected to the database
  • An automated call distributor: routes the call to CSR
  • A CSR software

6 Software That Can Help You Increase Customer Recognition

In this article, we discover 6 software that can help you to increase customer recognition. Also, we cover the software part which allows businesses to recognize their customers online, offline and across different channels and devices.


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Cheerfy is a customer relationship management tool that empowers businesses to recognize their customers. It uses Wi-Fi to detect customers and creates customers profile, enabling businesses to engage with customers through personalized messages. The profile includes data from social networks, preferences, reviews, CRM and other predicted traits. The members connect to Wi-Fi and register once via Facebook or a short email, after which they are auto connected. The employee can then receive notifications about customers on their smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches whenever the customer walks through the door. It also provides in-depth analytics on customers activity, customers profile per location and customer satisfaction for every part of customers journey.

The Salesmate CRM software:

The Salesmate CRM software allows you to automate tasks and deliver a customized experience to each customer. It stores the data in an organized and structured manner, hence, making it easy for the sales team to identify each customers’ desires and preferences. Businesses can use the customers’ past relationship with the company including purchasing history and customers’ activities to get an idea about their behavior. Based on the data, the system allows you to find the value of each customer to the business and focus on the profitable group of customers accordingly.

Facial recognition software:

The advancements in artificial intelligence have paved way for software that analyzes a customer’s past activity and recommends similar commodities or services to him or her. Facial recognition software is able to predict customers’ entire order just by analyzing their face. Alipay and KFC have teamed together to test facial recognition software to provide better customer experience. The software easily recognizes a returning customer and analyzes the customer’s past record to improve menu recommendations.


Emotion AI also known as affective computing enables devices to recognize and interpret human emotions and respond to it in the text, voice, or body language. It is effective in cases when a customer service representative fails to understand a customer’s issue. The software will detect the frustration through word choice or tone and promptly escalate the matter to the supervisor for action.


Eazipoint engages business owners and customers in direct communication using a mobile app in the cloud platform. It offers features like customer loyalty, SMS, email notifications and analytics. Consumers can analyze their spending, coupons, offers and communicate with business owners using the app. Eazipoint helps business owners to increase blog traffic, leads, and sales by customer retention, real-time action, and smart analytics.

Customer recognition software by EvoSoft:

The Customer recognition software designed by EvoSoft stores customers details, the frequency of visits, customers spending etc. and creates reports based on the details. It is capable of handling numerous customers, matching their spending and has a user-friendly interface. It automatically interacts with customers through an email system whenever customers sign up in the system.

The Bottom Line:

The need for systems to recognize customers accurately is imperative for the success of any business. To understand how critical customer recognition is for business, think of it as personal relationships. Most of us know how embarrassing, uncomfortable and offensive it feels to forget a friend’s name. For businesses, the implications of not recognizing a customer are far more severe. Therefore, there is a need for a system that can positively shape customers’ perception of your business and can lead to efficient usage resources, effective marketing, and satisfied customers.

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