WordPress Web Design and Development Training in Bangladesh

WordPress training in Bangladesh is one of the most popular online training programs which is provided by Rank Trends team. This is suitable for beginners who want to learn WordPress. Also, it will help you to build a modern, dynamic and profitable websites for any kind of business. Our online WordPress training in Bangladesh has been designed for beginners to advanced level. With this training program, you will learn how to build SEO friendly and responsible WordPress website without codding. Our best WordPress website builder and developer will take this WordPress tutorial online. Step by step they will guide you such that you can become an expert and earn money to work different marketplace like Fiverr and Upwork. Even you can earn money to write a blog or build a niche relevant affiliate WordPress website.

As well as, you can easily develop an e-commerce WordPress website, blog website, review website, niche website and what you want. If you participate in this WordPress training course, then you will get free social media marketing training, on-page SEO training, and Amazon affiliate marketing training. So you can save lots of money to participant in this WordPress training in Bangladesh.

Also, you will get extra internship live practical class. After complete this training program, you can work anywhere. So enroll now in our online WordPress training in Bangladesh.

Install WordPress on Your PC

How to install WordPress on your PC such that you can learn without paying hosting and domain charges. This web design and development training in Bangladesh will teach you how to build a useful, functional, good-looking, and responsive website with WordPress.

Local Host Server

Configure localhost server for running WordPress in the most secure and economical way. Explore the WordPress dashboard, understand what everything does and how to utilize it. Expert the inward activities of WordPress, for troubleshooting, fixing, and building WordPress sites.

Theme & Plugin

Describe WordPress plugins & themes and how to collect & install them. Create pages, posts, and in particular, explain the distinction between the two. Effectively create post categories, and describe why these can cause issues at the search engines whenever utilized incorrectly.

Build Commercial Website

Make a static landing page helpful for most sites, or a blog-like landing page valuable for bloggers. Make custom menus and navigation frameworks that both traffic and web search engines will discover useful. Build all type of commercial website (eCommerce, news portal, corporate, etc) to sell to customer.

SEO Optimize

Describe how to build a website with the terms of search engine algorithms. Understand what is SEO and how it works. Why SEO (search engine optimize) is important for web development. How to configure it and where to implement. Understand step by step SEO tips and techniques. Optimize web page speed and minizie it for search engien and user friendly.

Domain and Hosting

Describe what is domain and hosting, how to find perfect domain and how to choose hosting company. Understand the hosting cpanel and describe each and every single element. How to integrate domain and hosting, how to install WordPress and how to install SSL certificated through hosting Cpanel.




This is Md. Yousuf Ali CEO & founder of Rank Trends. Also, he’s one of the best SEO experts in Bangladesh. as well as he’s an entrepreneur, web design & developer, and trainer. Just a few months ago starterstory.com and dztechno.com publish his interview into their platform for his success.

Md. Yousuf Ali

CEO | SEO Expert


Regular Price BDT 10000.00 but due to Corona Virus situation our running quarantine offer BTD 5000.00 (Save 50{22818c00a7b750be185f543993226ee9eb13263a9c1755b8c3f40ee3c0c01c64} for Limited Time)


Regular Course Fee Tk.12000


Weekly 3 Days


Per Session

Bkash Payment


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WordPress Training in Bangladesh

Do you know that you can create a WordPress website in less than 30 minutes? Are you searching for the best place for creating your own website? Are you sick and tired of not making money on the internet? Do you want to start an online business but are not sure of where to start? There are thousands of people with these questions. If you are among them, then don’t worry, we are here to help you. Through our WordPress training in Bangladesh, you can be solved all of your problems. Also, you will understand why WordPress is the best place for developing a dynamic website.

Class Modulo

=== Modulo 1 ===

1. What is Domain
2. How to Choose A Domain
3. What is Hosting
4. Best Hosting Company
5. Domain and Hosting Registration
6. What is cPanel


=== Modulo 2 ===

1. Step by Step cPanel Tutorial
2. How to Install WordPress
3. Install WordPress Website
4. Step by Step Dashboard Tutorial


=== Modulo 3 ===

1. Explore WordPress Files and Database
2. WordPress Defaults
3. What is Theme
4. What is Plugin

5. Way of Choosing a Theme
6. List of Essential Free Plugin
7. List of Premium Plugin
8. How to Install WP Theme
9. How to Install Plugin


=== Modulo 4 ===

1. Setting Gravatar
2. Setting Author Profile
3. Configure Reading Section
4. Configure Discussion Section
5. Configure Permalinks
6. Configure Privacy Policy


=== Modulo 5 ===

1. Creating a Post or a Page
2. WordPress Posts vs Pages
3. When Use a Post
4. When Use a Page
5. How to Create Post Categories
6. How to Create Tags
7. Importance of Post Excerpts
8. Resizing & Optimizing Images
9. How to Add Social Button


=== Modulo 6 ===

1. Static Homepage and Blog Posts
2. Interior Pages, Navigation, and Sidebar
3. Modify Home Page


=== Modulo 7 ===

1. Configure Contact Form
2. Create About Us Page
3. Create Subscriber Form
4. Create Terms, Privacy & Disclaimers


=== Modulo 8 ===

1. Menu Configuration
2. Custom Menu
3. How to Create Mega Menu
4. Navigation Menu Widget
5. Related Post Navigation
6. Recent Post Navigation
7. Categories Navigation
8. Internal Post and Page Linking
9. Post and Page Customization


=== Modulo 9 ===

1. Header & Footer Customization
2. Introducing WP Security
3. WP Spamshield
3. Stop Spammer by Plugin
4. How to Change the Author name


=== Modulo 10 ===

1. SEO Friendly Site Structure
2. SideBar Widget
3. Google Analytics Integration
4. Google Adsense Integration
5. MailChimp Integration
6. Google Map Integration


=== Modulo 11 ===

1. Yoast Plugin Customization
2. Gravity Form Customization
3. Lazy Load Plugin Customization
4. Compress Image Plugin Customize
5. W3 Cache Plugin Customize
6. Asset Clean Up Customize
7. Loading Speed Customize


=== Modulo 12 ===

1. Basic SEO
2.Important of SEO
3. Basic Local SEO
4. Write SEO Friendly Title
5. SEO Friendly Content Optimize
6. SEO Friendly Image Optimize
7. SEO Friendly URL Optimize
8. Best SEO Tools


=== Modulo 13 ===

1. Create a Blog Website
2. Best Premium Theme for Blog
3. How to Change Theme Properly
4. Customize Blog Theme
5. Complete a Blog Website


=== Modulo 14 ===

1. Create an E-commerce Website
2. Best E-commerce Premium Theme
3. Customize E-Commerce Them


=== Modulo 15 ===

1. Customize Woo-Commerce Plugin
2. Integrate Payment Gateway
3. Complete E-Commerce Website


=== Modulo 16 ===

1. Create a News Website
2. Best News Premium Theme
3. Customize News Theme
4. Complete News Website


=== Modulo 17 ===

1. Create Magazine Website
2. Best Magazine Premium Theme
3. Customize Magazine Theme
4. Complete Magazine Website


=== Modulo 18 ===

1. Discuss Marketplace
2. Deeply Explain About Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer
3. Google Webmaster Submission

WordPress Training in Bangladesh

Do you know that you can create a WordPress website in less than 30 minutes? Are you searching for the best place for creating your own website? Are you sick and tired of not making money on the internet? Do you want to start an online business but are not sure of where to start? There are thousands of people with these questions. If you are among them, then don’t worry, we are here to help you. Through our WordPress training in Bangladesh, you can be solved all of your problems. Also, you will understand why WordPress is the best place for developing a dynamic website.

WordPress Themes:

WordPress has several free templates that you can use to make your website quickly. You will find these templates on the control panel. You will use them without spending a dollar. They are very easy to install on your website. The good thing is that they look professional. When you use them, your website will look professional. It will be like you used a premium layout. You will also discover them in different colors and types. Choose the one that you love.


WordPress Plugin:

Also, there are a lot of free plugins that are found on WordPress. These plugins are useful if you want to build a website that can be shared easily. There is no need for buying other plugins after creating your website. These plugins are easy to use. There is no requirement of learning something new. If you want to use them, then search for them on your control panel. You will find a list of them. Choose the one that you want to utilize and go to install. It will be installed on your website automatically. You can make use of WordPress easily. The control panel is organized.

Therefore, if you signed up with them, you will find the tools that you require easily. You will locate them quickly and you don’t need to get a guide that will direct you through it. Are you worried that you will have to learn HTML before using WordPress? You should not be. There is no need for learning HTML. The tools that you will find there are enough and you can use them to build your website quickly.


If you want to create a website in WordPress, then don’t wait any longer. This is the most effective time for you to begin. You need to take action now. Procrastinating will not help you because you will waste the valuable time that you might have used in creating successful websites.


 At last, we can proudly say that if you participant in our WordPress training course and maintain our instruction, then you can easily develop a WordPress website. As well as taking orders from clients, you can earn money online. Not only that you can work as a freelancer with a different marketplace.

Web Design and Development Training in Bangladesh

It’s a smart thought to learn web design and development since you can transform this into a very decent digital career. Also, you can apply to work for an IT organization or even strike out all alone as a freelance web design and developer. Moreover, this is an enormous field and you should be quite certain about what you learn, otherwise, you may effortlessly get diverted that are not especially valuable.

WordPress is one of the most popular and best content management systems that should be learned because this is the place where the future of web design and development lies and you’ll require it just to have the option to begin accomplishing this work. HTML5, CSS, and PHP are additionally significant and you will profit from learning these once you are OK with WordPress. It will empower you to be extremely viable as a web developer.

You’ll have to give in a considerable amount of time and exertion to learn WordPress with the goal that you can begin with web design and development. As well as you need to learn SEO to optimize properly and build a search engine-friendly website.

Moreover, the Rank Trends team helps you to learn various core values for great design and development. But this depends on how hard you work and what time you gave for learning.

There is a various option by which you can learn web development such as ensure that you utilize the most effective resources to learn web development perfectly and quickly and with a minimal difficult situation. Just participant in the training session to pick up the knowledge is not sufficient to become a successful developer. Additionally, you should keep your learning in physical practice such that you can become a good web design and developer. When you have the essential skills and experience then you will be able to make money online from home.

Why Web Design and Development Training in Bangladesh

If you’re looking for an in-demand job, consider web design and development training or IT training. These courses will allow you to keep up with the ever-changing technology that happens on a regular basis in the computer world. You’ll be able to improve your on-the-job performance when you are able to keep up with the changes in technology. Choosing to enroll in web design courses will offer you the opportunity to learn the key skills of image editing for software or for web animation software, and so much more! You may even choose to learn about web security in order to know how to secure a website once you have designed it. Providing website protection to your customers and clients will be a very important responsibility for those that you service. Alternatively, people who are good at programming, maintaining computer networks, and other IT skills can be sure that a job is waiting for them. Best of all, this sort of schooling can be completed relatively quickly and is task and ability-oriented, perfect for the adult learner.

When you select a career in web design and development or when you take IT training courses you will be able to work anywhere geographically that you choose. You can relocate if you choose to in order to increase your rate of pay or in order to enjoy a different environment or even a different culture. The options that you will create for yourself will be unlimited. This can be the choice that you make in your life that is truly life-changing. There will be nothing to hold you back or stand in your way once you’ve completed your design or IT training. You will learn to build websites that are truly helpful to your clients and that will help promote their products and increase their sales.

You might also build websites that help others with issues that aren’t even related to financial growth. With the proper training and education, through web design courses, there is no end to the amount of businesses and people that your skills can help and that can change their lives as well as your own. Or, as a network technician or software engineer, you will keep their essential systems running. Indeed, today’s businesses are built around the computer and all of the advantages that they offer, taking advantage of all that the computer and business world has to offer will put you on the road to success in a shorter time than you ever imagined possible. You’ll love knowing that you don’t have to spend years studying and working towards a degree in order to make a successful living that you enjoy.

Why Choose Us?

  • Build your career and start earning to participate in WordPress training in Bangladesh.
  • We have a world-class and high experience WordPress trainer.
  • We are professional.
  • Workshop training About Various MarketPlace.
  • Free social media marketing.
  • Free basic SEO Training.
  • We did not compromise with quality.
  • Affordable price.
  • 24×7 lifetime support.
  • Live Internship Class.


Q: What is the payment method?

A: Right now we only accept the bKash payment method.

Q: When does the course start?

A: We will inform you after complete registrations.

Q: Live-streaming or pre-recorded?

A: Live-streaming course

Q: Need to visit your office?

A: No need to visit our office, Right now we are active online.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: Refund only applicable if we are unable to organize our course or if you did not attend our class.

Q: How to pay on bKash?

A: Step – 1: Dial *247#
Step – 2: Select “Payment” Option
Step – 3: bKash Merchant Number 01751450075
Step – 4: Amount Tk.1500
Step – 5: Reference: “Your Name and Course Name”
Step – 6: Counter Number: 0
Step – 7: PIN

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