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Best Web Design and Development Company in Bangladesh

Are you searching a well experienced and reputated web design and development company? Are you going to build a business website or e-Commerce website or personal blog website that’s easy to use and easy to control? Also does not cost more for maintenance. If yes, all of these questions then Rank Trends web design and development company in Bangladesh is the best and perfect choice for you.

Designing and developing a website for the business is a very important decision. A well-designed website provides an ideal platform that allows potential customers to interact with the organization. Therefore, if you want to build a well responsible and eye-catching business or personal website to introduce the business to the planet , choose Rank Trends web design and development service.

Rank Trends is an award-winning web design and development agency in Bangladesh that provide cost effective and custom web design services. We have more than 7 years of experience of designing and developing custom websites. We offer our service all over the world.



We will build an attractive and eye-catching layout website with modern technology mixed up. It’ll help to extend targeted leads and conversion rates. Also as we know the first impression is the last impression, so we will build a dynamic website that is flexible.



Rank Trends web design company ensure responsive web design that is the best practice for mobile-friendly. Websites with responsive design adapt to any screen size quite efficiently and keeps smooth navigation and a transparent scrolling methodologies.



Without SEO optimized website has no value this day. Since our web design and developer has great knowledge in SEO, so now doubt about SEO optimizing when it comes to take web design and development service from Rank Trends.

UX UI Design

UX UI Design

We believe UX UI design can help to improve more engagement with product and service. For this reason, our web developers are aware of the UX UI design and ensure it when creating websites.

Clean Coding

Clean Coding

Clean code means, we will develop a website that is easy to read and easy to understand for both of human and search engine algorithmes. It is great for any browser to index more frequently and reduce page loading speed.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Rank Trends web design company in Bangladesh provide 24×7 lifetime technical support that will help to maintain your website with the upgraded technology. We always ready to help for any kind of security issue or keeping update.

" Rank Trends Team Don’t Just Generate Websites, They Build Website That Makes Sells"



In the web design and development industries, every single customer anticipate the very best level of quality at reasonable costs. Many web development company offer just that, but at long last the clients disappointed by the commitment which they gave. But, this is the Rank Trends, where you’ll never let-down…. !!


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Web Development

Top Notch Web Design and Development Service

Having a unique and well design website is quite an important resource that any business should consistently have. It is essential because there have lots of competitors in your industries who already offer the same service and products. So, if you want to bid them, you have to explore yourself as unique and d from others. Don’t worry we are here for your. Our web design and development service help you to build a unique and well design website.

Corporate Website

Rank Trends is the best when comes to making a professional corporate website, that will be a more powerful marketing asset and more visible in the search.

e-Commerce Website

we offer eCommerce web design and development service to build responsive, Google & user-friendly e-Commerce websites that help to increase sales.

One Page Website

A One Page website with no extra pages like About, Team or Services. All the content & information sits within a same page. As an example you see our own website.


Real Estate Web Development

Our real estate web developers have a strong knowledge of the core fundamentals of real estate website development and can match with your precise necessities.

News Portal/Magazine Web Development

Our web developers have a powerful knowledge of the core fundamentals of news portal/magazine website development and can match your exact requirements.

Restaurants Web Development

We developed a stunning custom online booking restaurant websites that attracts clients, enhances sales growth and brand awareness.

Beauty Parlor or Salon Website

We will build an exceptionally customizable beauty parlor or salon website that is an amazing design, simple functionally, and mobile-friendly layout.

Construction Website

Our web developers have a powerful knowledge of the core fundamentals of construction website development and can match your exact requirements.

Mobile App Development

We developed a mobile app that attracts clients, enhances sales growth, and earns brand awareness.

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Web Development


We are a leading digital marketing agency and we believe our work justifies itself. Browse our latest projects that we are completed successfully.

Web Design Company in Bangladesh

Rank Trends is the best website design company in Bangladesh. We offer web design and development service for the last 7 years. If you own a business, you may probably already know how having a dedicated website can give a boost to your organization. There have many people searching for a web design agency to full fill their all requirements. Also, they’re trying to find a web development company that will build a professional website. With numerous web design companies in the world, finding one shouldn’t be a huge task. But finding a reputed and professional agency like Rank Trends is just too much difficult.

At present, it’s become essential for an organization to have an online presence in the form of a website. As each company is unique in terms of its objectives, strategies, work profiles, and culture, therefore it requires a unique solution. This gave rise to the concept of custom web design. We are only one web design company in Bangladesh who can full fill all of your requirements within your budget. No matter what type of size of your business.

For any given company to have a custom website, understanding its own needs and system becomes essential. Also, since these aren’t any off-the-shelf products, it’s important to designate the task of web development to a web design and development service provider who understands and may deliver the needs the best.

Therefore, before you make a decision about who to hire to perform for your custom web development, you would like to understand your own needs and know the web design and development agency you would like to hire. When understanding your needs for custom development, you would like to believe your current state, your expected state with the new site, your constraints of budget and time and therefore the proper utilization to generate revenue or meeting a goal.

Why choose Rank Trends Web Design and Development Service?

You should choose Rank Trends web design and development service because we are the world’s #1 best website design and development company in Bangladesh who provide their services all over the world. as well as our web design and developers will build SEO-friendly professional layout custom websites for boosting online business. Moreover, we offer a world-class web design service to use the newest technology that is the trend right now.


Also, our website design prices have designed to remember all types of business. You’ll get our web design and development service within your budget according to your requirements. Many times, a choice has to be made between designing your own website and hiring a web design company. Most of the large enterprises may not consider the services of individual freelancers – they normally choose full-fledged professionals to design their websites. Many benefits will be generated by our web design and development service includes:


1) Skills:

We have the required skills and expertise to not only clearly understand your needs, but also be ready to create unique solutions and results for you. Our skills could include technical expertise with knowledge about new trends, communication, presentation, and organizational skills. We all know our field of study in and out. Not just the talents, but also how a corporation operates, generally, is vital.


A corporation with strong core values would abide by business ethics and would promote the same for the tasks that are assigned to them. it’s important to know your developer mission and vision and calculative make the choice to hire them.


2) Budget-Friendly Web Design packages:

Don’t let the word budget turn you off. Not all things priced low are inferior. Despite commonplace disappointments in many “budget” services today, you’ll still get quality deliveries for costs less than what you’ll be familiar with. In terms of business technology solutions, our web design packages are budget-friendly and cost-effective.


3) Experience and Expertise:

Our website design company in Bangladesh has high experience and high skill expertise. This attribute of an organization comes in very handy when we need to build a customized website. for instance, if you would like your website to act as an area where people can purchase your products, you would like to figure with a web design company that has knowledge and experience in working with E-commerce web development, custom web design, news portal web development, corporate web design, etc. Experience also gives an organization the power to match any kind of requirements you need.


4) Professional Design:

A website design company in Bangladesh that has a professional approach can produce a website that’s easy to use while reflecting your professionalism. Badly designed websites can cause great harm as most people get the first impressions about a company through their website. Websites that are hard to navigate are quite often completely neglected by the audience. As there are actually many other websites that offer the same things and are easy to use.

Best Web Development Company in Bangladesh:

Rank Trends is the fastest growing web development company in Bangladesh that successfully completed over 100+ projects all over the world including the USA, UK, Canada, Bangladesh, Indian, etc. Now that question is why you choose Rank Trends web development service? suppose, you have a website that is needed to redesign or add extra features. But you did not know how to develop or customize, your next step is going to be choosing the best web development company to handle it successfully.


This step is demanding since you’ll have a difficult time separating the best from the rest. Below is some advantage which will really assist you when choosing the Rank Trends web development company in Bangladesh.

Here are other benefits that you simply will really enjoy. Customers will take your business seriously since Rank Trends web developers will present it in a professional manner. This may encourage customers to understand more about your products, how easy to navigate the website, and how to get in touch with someone in case they have questions.


Also, your content is going to be optimized for humans and search engines. SEO is a major piece of the web marketing puzzle and our web developers will tell you what you need to put on your site and how to implement it. Keeping up to date on the newest trends. It is going to allow you to remain abreast of what’s acceptable these days since people that work for search engines are ensuring that only quality content is getting to the top of the search results.


Also, our web design and developer will add a social element to your page. this may engage your customers in direct dialogue and allow them to share a link with their friends. Give professional web developers a try, and for real, your business will succeed.

Rank Trends SEO Friendly Web Design and Development Company in Bangladesh

Rank Trends is a reputed and SEO-friendly web design and development company in Bangladesh. SEO is the pillar of online marketing as the best-designed website is useless until it reaches its targeted audience. Developing a website with SEO optimization to make search engine friendly is deeply connected with the web development stage that can’t be incorporated in isolation at a later stage. the best SEO practices begin even at the designing and coding stage to make the whole website easily accessible to search engine crawlers. Therefore it becomes important to pick an SEO-friendly website design and development company in Bangladesh that provides good designing along with sound SEO practices. Careful evaluation of the following points can assist you to select the proper web designing company.

1) Study Websites of Existing Clients:

But how do you figure out whether your website designer is SEO-oriented? As you look for an honest web designer you’ll come across several web designing companies that promise instant online success and immediate top positions in search engines. However, genuine search engine optimization takes time to show results and instant visibility that’s achieved through unethical means or those penalized by search engines can do more harm than good.

2) Search Engine Position:

A web design company that lays emphasis on SEO would remember the newest search engine algorithms and any updates to them. they might ensure that their own website corresponds to them. There are innumerable websites associated with equivalent keywords that are vying to be on the first page of major search engines. This has made SEO a very competitive and specialized field. Thus, the only way to spot a web development company that’s SEO friendly is to locate its own position in search engine ranks.

3) Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization:

A website design that’s totally based on images may have many visual appeals. In fact, it’s tempting to focus only on vibrant images. However, without image tags, appropriate text, website slogans or keyword strategic use and placement of relevant keywords your website will never come out of oblivion. The utilization of proper coding, meta tags, internal and external links that are incorporated at the designing level produce a wholesome look that doesn’t look forced or jar the entire impact.

4) Customized Approach:

A website design and development that takes pains to understand your product or services and the keywords that are normally utilized in your sector would be able to attract traffic that converts to tangible sales. Thus, a genuinely SEO-friendly website design company in Bangladesh won’t offer standardized rates and strategies but will make an in-depth study of your requirements. this is often a particular indicator of a web designer’s SEO skills and dedication. Truly professional website design has the perfect blend of eye-catching design, user-friendly navigation, and SEO techniques that serve to highlight your website.

5) Remember:

SEO is consistently evolving and requires designers that continue with the newest trends along with technological advances in designing.

Benefits of Responsive Website Design

Simplified Work: Websites with responsive design adapts to any screen size quite efficiently. there’s no need to create a different mobile site for an enhanced mobile presence. Organizations can have only one specific website with one URL, and a single set of codes and files to be maintained. It simplifies the work for business and also cuts down the cost of creating different websites, optimized for various devices.


Accessibility: Businesses find it profitable to have responsive layouts. It makes their business easily accessible to different strata of the population and enables them to possess a wider reach.


Best Mobile Experience: Responsive designs enable the user to enjoy the best mobile experience. It provides smooth navigation and a transparent scrolling system, making it easy to take a tour of the website ease. For an eCommerce site, it enables the user to view all the products clearly even on a smaller screen and attracts more customers for the business.


SEO Friendly: These web designs tend to rank well in Google’s search as the major search engines support responsive style designing. the website is optimized in the best way possible for mobile users as well as for search giants to produce optimum results. Responsive web design is that the face of tomorrow and the trend is already catching the pace. Business houses are waiting to leverage this tool to extend their opportunities and facilitate growth by leaps and bounds.

Cost Effective WordPress Web Design Package

We offer a cost-effective WordPress web design package including premium themes and plugins. Also, you’ll expect to gain the advantage of a number of themes which will prove to be an ideal match for all your requirements. SEO-friendly web design is also the best choice from a search engine’s point of view. the fact that the website cms offers the self-ping facility. Enables it to transmit ping to different search engines. you’ll be encouraged in knowing that ping becomes transmitted as soon as your website is updated.


The different premium plugins that associate with the CMS make it an automatic choice for all major search engines. Open source facility free is also one of the other features that relate to WordPress development. you’ll easily view the source code while creating a website with the help of the CMS. it’s possible to look at the source code of the website without the least problem..

Ecommerce Web Design Service

If you are searching for an eCommerce web design service or eCommerce web development service, then you are coming to the right place. At the very beginning, you need to understand that the eCommerce web design is vastly different from the customary website design. E-commerce incorporates an entire scope of modern technologies identified with taking care of money-related exchanges on the web.


Customary websites designer would normally not get the job done for building e-commerce websites. You need to explicitly search for eCommerce web designers specialists and Rank Trends is the place where you can get the entirety of the necessities you need.

How to Choose The Right Web Design and Development Company:

If you’re trying to find ways of providing your consumers with a convenient and efficient means of contacting your company either for commercial or communication purposes, then a website is the best solution for which you’re searching. A website is proven to extend profits, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Developing a website requires professional help. There are numerous website design and development companies today and selecting the right one is often a frightening task. the method of selecting the proper one isn’t a simple and easy task. a slight mistake can be very costly and time-consuming. Below are a couple of tips to assist you to select the right web design and development company:


1) Check Out Portfolio:

All established web design and development companies have one, and if they do not, chances are they’re not established. While client testimonials are reassuring, it’s important that you dig a touch deeper to see if you’d be pleased with the work any prospective partners have completed. check out the websites they have developed and see whether they fit with your styling and vision. aside from whether they have the required knowledge to develop a website with the functions that you simply need, can they create a website that will fit well with your brand?


2) Dependability:

Another essential thing to consider is how reliable a web design company is. This industry is infamous for designers who aren’t reliable. Choose web designers who are in the industry for a while, and choose an organization that’s established and dependable. you would like a web development company which will do the project on budget and on time. you also need to hire a web designer that’s reliable in order that you recognize undoubtedly that you simply can trust they’ll be there when you need them.

3) specialize in the latest Trend:

A good web design company should be thinking of responsive design, mobile applications, and usability. Then there are copy considerations, digital integration into the business, and content marketing ideas. We aren’t talking about the flashiest and latest website trends which will not be proven, rather how a designer will assimilate the proper tools into your business environment.


4) getting in Touch:

Personal interaction is recommended if you would like to choose the right web design and development company. It helps you to convey your project brief to them enabling you to get an idea about their level of experience and expertise. Good developers will offer you various suggestions and concepts in order to enhance your project.


5) Plan for the Future:

Chances are that your business competitors not only have a website but have SEO strategy, social network marketing strategy as well as an overall online marketing strategy in place. Should this be the case, then you also need one in order to stay competitive. When selecting designers, you’re best advised to make sure that they consider web design as a part of online as opposed to the standalone form of media.


6) Price:

Determine which price range you’re comfortable with, and choose a designer that’s within that price range. the foremost vital step in pricing is to ensure the potential design company outlines all the costs of the work and puts it down in writing. keep in mind that while the value for your money need to come into consideration when selecting an organization, cost should not be the first deciding factor. Selecting designers to figure with may seem daunting. However, if you follow the tips above, you’ll find the foremost qualified candidate.


7) Technology Platform:

Most web developers utilize specific techniques to develop and design a website. you should choose those using a widely used platform. This makes it possible for other website designers to figure on your website when the necessity arises. attempt to choose a designer that engages the common technology platforms like WordPress since they’re worked by most designers.


8) Initial Investment:

The cost of developing a website varies from one company to the other. A typical structure may include hourly or fixed rates and pay per page. it’s advisable to take into consideration the initial investment since you’ll get a company with websites that are ranked top with an impressive portfolio but lack the initial capital to engage it.

By keeping the above tips in mind, you’ll be in a position to get a professional web design company that will take your business to the next level. they’re going to use his experience to offer your website the specified functionality and market your company online.

So, we can say, if you compare the above criteria with Rank Trends, you’ll get all the above skills. Hence, you can choose Rank Trends as a website design company in Bangladesh for your business.



What is Web Design and Development?

Web design refers to the process of designing a website that executes various data & information on the web through markup language. On the other hand, web development is a work to develop a website for getting a better user experience. The development work can cover numerous things such as format adjustment, content improvement, server configuration, etc. 

Who is Best Web Design and Development Company in Bangladesh?

Rank Trends;

Rank Trends is the best web design and development company in Bangladesh because we have world-class and high experience web design and developers. Moreover, we successfully completed 100+ projects with our 7 years of experience. 

I Don’t Know How to Use, So How Will I Maintain? 

After delivery, we’ll teach you how to control or you can take our monthly maintenance package. 

If I Face a Problem What Can I Do?

If you face any problem just submit a ticket with the invoice number, we’ll solve it within 48 hours. Remember that without the invoice number we didn’t respond to any ticket.



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