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top 10 magento extensions for e-commerce website

In this article, we will discover the top 10 Magento extensions for an e-commerce website to improve your Magento e-commerce business.  Speak of e-commerce websites platform and you will find most of them build on Magento. It is the most popular e-commerce web application development platform and it is an incomparable tool which works on increasing revenue and image of business in the world.

top 10 magento extensions


Why Magento is Preferred for an E-commerce Website?

The online retailers always want to get the best from the digital platform and to make the most from Magento, they need to know about this feature-rich and strong platform for sure. The first and foremost thing, to begin with, is to know and install the plugins and extensions in their shopping portal.

Are the Extensions all Free or Paid?

Ideally, most of them are free, yet some are paid. But they are all very useful and increase the functionality of the online shops. They also guarantee business for the future and the returns are quite high with improved profit share.

How These Extensions Improve Business?

The competition is on a rise and it is getting tougher every day. With the cut-throat competition, the e-commerce industry is providing the customers and clients the best of services and ease of shopping.
They are aware that more the ease; the more are the chances of increasing the list of dedicated clients for the business. A High number of clients ensure the stability of business and allows it to run in a much better way.
So, if your website is built on Magento, you need to know about these extensions; where some of them are paid and some are free. But one thing is for sure, they all are very useful and productive.

The list of Top 10 Magento Extensions for your e-commerce website:

Here is a list of top 10 Magento extensions for your e-commerce website:

  1. Price Slider Daffodil
  2. Zopim Live Chat
  3. Fontis Secure Pay
  4. Shipworks
  5. Shipworks
  6. Magic Zoom
  7. All Ajax Pro
  8. Video And Content Testimonials
  9. Actionable Google Analytics Magneto Extension
  10. Latest Tweet Magento Extension
  11. Advance News Pro

1) Price Slider Daffodil:

Price Slider Daffodil- price is a very determining factor in shopping and the buyers always look forward to narrowing down their search. This reduces the time to search or find the most suitable product. Well, e-commerce websites always offer an array of products and have varieties from the lowest to the highest range. This can be very frustrating for the customer to check the best suited one amongst the thousands of suggestions. With the extension, things are a tad easier to figure their product and helps them to save time and pick the right product.

3) Zopim Live Chat:

Zopim Live Chat- quick response from the seller to the client is always appreciated. In today’s world where time is money, the online customer does not want to wait even for a second to receive a response from the sites owner’s end. With these extensions, the business owners respond immediately and address promptly to the needs of the customers. If delayed, they will look for other websites and the company will end up losing a client. Zopim Live Chat, a Magento powered chat plugin, sorts out this issue and hustles up the response time.

3) Fontis Secure Pay:

Fontis Secure Pay- highly secure transaction of money is very important and unless the client is convinced of the payment method, they will not share the details. To gain confidence, this plug-in is the most popular and widely used by almost all e-commerce websites.

4) Shipworks:

Shipworks- to cater the clients worldwide, shipping is the biggest issue and is solved in the Magento websites by the plug-in of Shipworks. labels creation, sending email to the customers, and updating deliveries and orders are few of the functionality of this plug-in. this solves most of their issues and no doubt is the favorite of global carriers like FedEx, DHL, etc.

magento extensions

5) Magic Zoom:

Magic Zoom- this plug-in satiates the inclination of the online customers to know each and every information about a particular product before pressing the buy button. Magento extensions Magic Zoom allows the customers to zero in any product available on their online store which is the website, so that they can effortlessly get extra and useful details. The most vital feature of this plugin is that it works perfectly on the smartphones and tablets, which connects them with clients even while they are on the go.

6) All Ajax Pro:

This Magento extension provides a great shopping experience to the online customers as it is highly advanced in terms of functionality. All Ajax Pro plug-in websites can easily remove products from their online store. Some unique features are Quick Login, Registration, Ajax Add-to-Wishlist, Add-to-Compare list, Add-to-Cart which is the crux of providing the clients the ease of shopping.

7) Video and Content Testimonials:

Video And Content Testimonials- these testimonials of the clients and visitors in videos are shared in the website through this plug-in. for some reading is boring and they prefer to watch as it required short attention span and time as well. It also appears smart and sassy to have videos on the website and so it is kind of must-have in any type of website.

8) Actionable Google Analytics Magneto Extension:

Actionable Google Analytics Magneto Extension- content Grouping, IP Anonymization, Product Refund, and a lot more functionality is the action of this plug-in. however, the most enhanced feature is to provide access to tracking user-id, improved e-commerce website and so on.

9) Latest Tweet Magento Extension:

Latest Tweet Magento Extension- it displays the latest tweets on the website and thus increases the popularity of the portal for sure.

10) Advance News Pro:

Advance News Pro– the notification comes in easily and the visitor is informed of the recent happenings, developments, and achievements. It has one more functionality to the site’s admin or the owner that they can list all the new product and services to product, category, and line up them in any position such as right, left and center.

If you want to develop a Magento website, you need to know about these plug-ins and find how to use them to attract the right amount of traffic to your websites. The integration of all these plug-ins defiantly improves the visibility, action, and performance of the website. There are still plenty more such plug-ins for a Magento website, but these above are most popular and can be of use to any kind of business.

Find more about them and use them to gain business form the digital world.

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