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Taohid Bin Ibrahim Piyal

Taohid Bin Ibrahim Piyal

Motion Graphic Designer

In the world of visual storytelling, Taohid Bin Ibrahim Piyal is a standout motion graphic designer. With a blend of passion and precision, Piyal brings concepts to life through captivating animations.

Piyal’s journey into motion graphics began with a simple desire to explore the creative possibilities of animation. His love for design and attention to detail led him to experiment with motion, eventually diving into the world of motion graphics.

Piyal’s talent lies in his ability to turn ideas into moving narratives. Whether it’s a logo animation, a promotional video, or a music visualizer, Piyal’s work grabs attention and leaves a lasting impact.


Piyal’s creative process and workflow demonstrate a comprehensive approach to motion graphic design. Here’s a breakdown and expansion on each aspect:

Conceptualization: At the heart of every project, Piyal immerses himself in the exploration of ideas. Drawing inspiration from various sources, he delves into research, gathering insights and references to inform his creative direction. Through sketching and ideation sessions, he refines concepts, shaping them into cohesive visual narratives that resonate with the intended audience.

Storyboarding: With a clear vision in mind, Piyal translates his conceptualized ideas into tangible plans through storyboarding. This crucial step allows him to map out the sequence of events, transitions, and key moments within the animation. By sketching out each scene frame-by-frame, Piyal establishes the pacing and flow of the animation, ensuring a smooth and engaging viewer experience.

Animation Production: Armed with a comprehensive storyboard, Piyal dives into the production phase, where creativity meets technical skill. Using industry-standard software like Adobe After Effects, he brings his static sketches to life, infusing them with movement, depth, and personality. From creating intricate keyframe animations to fine-tuning timing and easing curves, Piyal meticulously crafts each element to evoke the desired emotion and impact.

Graphic Design Integration: In addition to animation, Piyal seamlessly integrates graphic design elements into his projects to enhance visual storytelling. Whether it’s incorporating brand logos, stylized typography, or custom illustrations, he ensures that every graphic element harmonizes with the overall aesthetic, reinforcing the narrative and brand identity.

Collaboration: Collaboration lies at the core of Piyal’s process, as he values the input and perspective of others in shaping his work. From clients and creative directors to fellow designers and animators, Piyal actively seeks feedback and engages in constructive dialogue throughout the production journey. This collaborative spirit fosters creativity, encourages innovation, and ultimately leads to the realization of a shared vision.

Staying Current: In a rapidly evolving industry, Piyal understands the importance of staying informed and adaptable. He dedicates time to continuous learning, attending industry events, workshops, and online courses to expand his skill set and stay abreast of emerging trends and technologies. By remaining agile and responsive to change, Piyal ensures that his work remains relevant and impactful in a dynamic landscape.

Portfolio Management: Piyal takes pride in curating a dynamic and comprehensive portfolio that showcases the breadth and depth of his creative abilities. Regularly updating his portfolio with new projects, Piyal highlights his versatility, innovation, and growth as a motion graphic designer. Each project serves as a testament to his dedication to excellence and passion for pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling.

Networking: Building and nurturing professional relationships is instrumental in Piyal’s career journey. Through active participation in networking events, industry mixers, and design communities, he cultivates connections with like-minded creatives, potential clients, and industry influencers. These relationships not only foster collaboration and career opportunities but also provide a supportive network for knowledge sharing and growth.

Freelance Endeavors: As a multifaceted creative professional, Piyal embraces freelance opportunities as a means of expanding his horizons and honing his craft. Whether collaborating with startups, agencies, or independent clients, Piyal approaches each freelance project with enthusiasm and professionalism, delivering high-quality work that exceeds expectations.

Personal Creative Ventures: Beyond the confines of client projects, Piyal indulges in personal creative ventures that serve as a playground for experimentation and self-expression. These passion projects allow him to explore new techniques, pursue artistic interests, and push the boundaries of his creativity without the constraints of external briefs or deadlines. From experimental animations to artful motion graphics, Piyal’s projects reflect his boundless curiosity and artistic vision.

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