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Whiteboard Explainer Video Only $10


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The whiteboard explainer video has a human, personal quality about them that may be different styles of explainer don’t. The hand fills in as a hypnotizing visual gadget that drives the whole video. As the hand makes characters, foundations, and circumstances, the watcher is maneuvered into the story that is unfurling before them.

A researcher by Sparkol had 1000 visitor view a whiteboard explainer video and 1000 visitor view a talking animated video – the two videos pitching precisely the same service business. The outcomes were great:

  • The whiteboard video was shared multiple times more than the talking animated video
  • 4 out of 10 watchers who viewed the whiteboard video were persuaded enough to purchase – twice the same number of as the talking animated video.
  • 53% who viewed the whiteboard explainer would suggest the services portrayed versus 22% who watched the talking animated video.

Most importantly whiteboard animation video can be incredible for easy complex points. They have an informational feel to them that places your visitor in educational mode. Additionally, through the enchantment of the creation process, Rank Trends frequently blends in liveliness impacts, hues and different components run of the mill to guarantee that the whiteboard animated isn’t excessively flat or static.

Here is the demo:



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