Amazon Affiliate Marketing Training in Bangladesh

Do you want to make money online from home? This is not talking about a small amount of earning, it is about earning money online which will ensure that you don’t need to do anything else. If yes, then you have to learn how to start affiliate marketing with Amazon or how to earn money online to use Amazon affiliate to make thousands of dollar a month? For this reason, you need to join our Amazon affiliate marketing training in Bangladesh online course. Rank Trends is one of the best online learning institutes who’s provide new technology and modern marketing strategy to their students.

Also, we will teach you, the secrete of Amazon affiliate marketing and how you can get targeted traffic, leads and sales within a short time. As well as, our Amazon affiliate marketing training in Bangladesh has designed for all kind of people such that anyone can participate.

This is a step by step complete Amazon Affiliate Marketing training that will show you everything that you have to know to learn and make money utilizing Amazon Affiliation. After complete this Amazon affiliate marketing training in Bangladesh online course, you become an Amazon affiliate expert. As well as this ensures that if you work as indicated by the course, you will make money online from home within short time.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

A 2 Z Amazon affiliate marketing from beggener to expert level. Build an Amazon affiliate marketing website with scratch that make a passive income every month. Find out a profitable niche and product that drive highest income.

Basic SEO

Generate organic traffic for free through optimize affiliate website. Build diversified backlinks to get targeted traffic and boost search engine ranking through SEO (search engine optimization) strategies.


Learn how to build a functional, responsive and eye-catchng layout WordPress website for Amazon Affiliate. Create UX UI design and make it user and Google friendly to improve conversation rate.

Content Writing

Step by step guide on how to write content without any writing skill. This course also help to write killer content that increase sales for Amazon affiliate products.

Social Media Marketing

Learn everything about social media marketing. Generate targeted traffic through social media and improve selling provability. Run highly optimize and high quality social media ads for genearte targeted traffic.

Search Engine Marketing

Different between SEO and search engine marketing. Create profitable paid ads that boost your online sells. Get maximum return on investment by optimize ad cost.

Video Marketing

How to optimize YouTube video to rank on the top. Learn how to create engagement video to increase traffic, leads and sales.

Email Marketing

How genearate traffic through email marketing that converat sales. As well as how to configure it into your website.

JVZoo Affiliate

A to Z JVZoo affiliate marketing. Learn how to boost sales of your JVZoo affiliate product through social media and your website.

"Amazon Affiliate marketing is a Great Opportunity to Make a Passive Income in a Month."

Who Need This Course:

  • Blogger
  • The person who has an interest in Amazon Affiliate Marketing.
  • Who wants to make money online from home.
  • A retired person who knows English and has a working intention on online.
  • If you want to learn SEO.
  • People who want to learn advanced social media marketing.
  • If you have an online business and want to boost targeted traffic.
  • People who want to develop WordPress websites.
  • If you want to learn email marketing.
  • If you want to grab targeted traffic.
  • The person who hate corporate Jobs
    People who did not do anything right now.
  • People who are doing the job but want to earn money for a better life.
  • A graduate student who wants to earn some extra money.

What Will You Learn from This Amazon Affiliate Marketing Online Tutorial?

  • Clear knowledge of how amazon affiliates work.
  • Advance affiliates marketing tutorial-like Amazon, CJ affiliate, Jvzoo affiliate, and LinkShare affiliate, and more.
  • What are domain and hosting?
  • Keyword research and how to collect competitive and profitable keywords.
  • How to choose a domain name.
  • How to buy domain and hosting.
  • Domain and hosting integration.
  • Step by step WordPress tutorial.
  • How to choose profitable niche and product for Amazon affiliate.
  • How to approve Amazon affiliate accounts.
  • How to promote JVZoo, CJ, and LinkShare affiliate products to make money within a short time.
  • Step by step tutorial to building a dynamic affiliate website.
  • How to write SEO-friendly content without writing skills.
  • Advance social media marketing tutorial to generate free traffic to your affiliate website.
  • Advance On-page and off-page SEO tutorial for rank your website to google on the first page.
  • Email marketing.
  • How to drive free targeted traffic for selling affiliate products.
  • Also, you will learn how to use free tools for promoting your product.
  • All the latest & advanced techniques and tools.
  • How to write engaging content.
  • Step by step tutorial on how to write informative and product review content.
  • How to boost social media posts.
  • How to optimize Youtube video to rank on the top.
  • How to promote your product through YouTube.


This is Md. Yousuf Ali CEO & founder of Rank Trends. Also, he is one of the best SEO experts in Bangladesh. As well as he is an entrepreneur, web design & developer, and trainer. Just a few months ago and publish his interview into their platform for his success.

Md. Yousuf Ali

CEO | SEO Expert

Course Fee

Regular Price BDT 12000.00 but due to Corona Virus situation our running quarantine offer Tk.2000 (Save over 80{22818c00a7b750be185f543993226ee9eb13263a9c1755b8c3f40ee3c0c01c64} for Limited Time)


Regular Price Tk.12000


Weekly 3 Days


Per Session

Bkash Payment


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Amazon Affiliate Marketing Training in Bangladesh – Master Course:

Amazon affiliate marketing training in Bangladeshis one of the finest online education course if you want to make money by being an affiliate marketer. It is a course that has excellent info on becoming the best affiliate that you can become and the best part is that it is offered absolutely affordable of charge. The experts in internet marketing have discovered and disclosed “the perfect affiliate system” With the course that is aimed at helping you become a successful affiliate, you are guaranteed to meet success in online business!

What is Amazon Affiliate?

In straightforward words, Amazon Affiliate is sending the customer to Amazon utilizing your very own site with the goal that when they purchase something from Amazon, you get a commission. This Amazon affiliate marketing course begins from the simple fundamental level accepting that you have no idea about Amazon Affiliation and after that, it goes to an expert level with 10 educational essential digital skills.

Class Modulo

==== Modulo 1 ====

1. Introduction Affiliate Marketing
2. What is an Amazon Affiliate
3. Discuss with Nessecry Tools
4. How to Choose a Niche
5. How to Find Profitable Product
6. Advance keywords Research


====Modulo 2 ====

1. What is Domain & Hosting
2. How to Choose a Domain Name
3. About Hosting & its Company
4. What is SSL and How to Fix it?


==== Modulo 3 ====

1. Create a Dynamic Website
2. Create a Niche Website
3. Discussing Plugin
4. Plugin Install and Implementation
5. Discussing Theme
6. Theme Customizing Technic
7. Theme Optimize Technic
8. Dashboard Board Customization
9. Website Menu Decorate
10. Difference Between Page & Post
11. Dynamic Contact Form Create
12. Build an E-commerce Website
13. Create News & Blog Website
13. Create an Affiliate Website
14. Loading Speed Optimize
16. Premium Plugin Customization


==== Modulo 4 ====

1. What is SEO and How it works?
2. What is SEO Algorithm?
3. Why Need SEO?
4. Type of SEO
5. What is Local SEO?
6. SERP Analysis


=== Modulo 5 ===

1. SEO Audit & Analysis
2. Discover Latest Analysis Tools
3. Competitor Analysis
4. Backlinks Analysis
5. Google Penalty Analysis


==== Modulo 6 ====

1. What is a keyword & how to factor it is
2. Difference between broad keyword and long-tail keyword
3. Keyword research techniques
4. How to find out competitive keyword
5. Discover the Latest keyword research tools
6. How to rank at search engines with a specific keyword


=== Modulo 7 ===
++ Advanced On-Page SEO++

1. Title Tag Optimization
2. Meta Tag Optimization
3. Page Optimization
4. Content Optimization
5. URL Optimization
6. Heading Tag Optimization
7. Inbound Link Optimization
8. Outbound Link Optimization
9. Anchor Tag Optimization
10. Image Optimization
11. Keyword Density Optimize
12. How to Avoid Keyword Stuffy
13. SEO Friendly Site structure Design
14. Duplicate Issue Optimize
15. Canonical Issue Optimize


=== Modulo 8 ===

1. Search Console Integration
2. Robot.txt File Generate Technic
3. Sitemap Generate Technic
4. Integration Search Console & Analytics
5. Geo-Targeted Country Optimize
6. Crawl Stats Analysis Technic
7. Index Coverage Issue Discovering Technic
8. Keyword Ranking Analysis Technic
9. Fix Coverage Issue Technic
10. What is fetch and how it is work
11. Analysis Performance Report
12. Internal Linking Technic
13. and More

==== Modulo 9 ====

1. Important of Backlinks
2. Web 2.0 Backlinks Technic
3. Social Bookmarking Technic
4. Guest posting technic
5. Blogging Comment Technic
6. Forum Backlinks Technic
7. Question and Answer Technic
8. Press Release Technic
9. Infographic Creation Technic
10. Social Profile Optimize Technic
11.Social Signal Improving Technic
12. Directory Listing Technic
13. Citation Listing Technic
14. Google Rolling Out Strategy
15. Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks


=== Modulo 10 ===

1. What is Content Marketing
2. How to Write SEO Friendly Content
3. How to Increase Website Traffic Through Content Marketing


=== Modulo 11 ===

1. Social Media Marketing Secrets
2. Facebook Marketing Technic
3. Catch FB Organic Traffic
4. How to Boost on FB
5. How to Promote Product
6. Facebook Marketing Tools
7. Twitter Marketing Technic
8. Promote Product on Twitter
9. Pinterest Marketing Technic
10. Instagram Marketing Technic
11. Reddit Marketing Technic
12. And Lots of More


=== Modulo 12===

1. How to Make a Video
2. How to Properly Upload Youtube Video
3. How to Rank a Video on Youtube
4. How to Drive Traffic From Video Platform
5. How to Use Software to Create Video

=== Modulo 13 ===

1. What is Email Marketing
2. How to Drive Traffic Through Email Marketing
3. How to Customize Email Template
4. How to Enhance Conversion Rate
2. How to Build Email List ( Lead Generate)
3. How to Promote your Product on Email

=== Modulo 14 ===

1. How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business
2. How to Approve Amazon Affiliate Account
3. How to Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing
4. How to Make $500 Per Month from Amazon
5. How to Choose Niche
6. How to Choose Competitive Product
7. How to Promote Affiliate Product
8. How to make a plan, create and design niche sites


=== Modulo 15 ===

1. Google Ranking Secrete
2. Bink Ranking Secrete
3. Social Media Marketing Secrete
4. Free Traffic Generating Technic
5. Why Your Amazon affiliate Account will be Disable
6. Rules of Amazon Affiliate
7. How Affiliates Link integrate a Website


=== Modulo 16 ===

1. Latest JVZoo Affiliate Marketing Techniques,
2 CJ, LinkShare & Udemy Affiliate Marketing Methods
3. Affiliate Coupon Website Marketing Techniques
4. How to Start Earning Within a Short Time


==== Modulo 17====

1. Complete Affiliate Website Develop
2. And Start Affiliate Marketing


=== Modulo 18 ===

1. 40+ Premium Theme
2. 70+ Premium Plugins
3. Logo Design Techniques
4. Lifetime 24×7 Support

Ultimate Affiliate Earning:

There’s no need to worry about anything. It is the cheapest and totally hassle-free. Plus, you will following a step by step by process that would guide you through it all starts… The course will teach you how to come up with a unique website concept. You will learn to brainstorm hundreds of profitable website niche ideas with keyword-focused content pages that are guaranteed to make you earn money… to attracting targeted, motivated traffic that redirects on your recommendations, and buys from the retailers you represent.


This is, without doubt, the ULTIMATE affiliate-earning resource for you. One of the independent authorities, Md. Yousuf Ali has this to say about Affiliates Master Course: “I don’t there’s any other report out there that is better at explaining to people how they can make the most out of affiliate marketing.”

What’s better?

It’s affordable charge!!” The list of “firsts” developed by Affiliate Masters Course is endless. In fact, the Affiliate Masters Course has become an Internet favorite. Not only is it updated regularly, but it is also known for commencing a lot of “firsts” in the business. Also, this is the one responsible for inventing the idea behind keyword brainstorming, researching keyword supply and demand, niche identification, and the creation of theme-based content sites.

It was also the first, anywhere, to push for contextual text-based links. Although in the past, the ideas that it introduced seemed to be a bit unacceptable, at present, it has become accepted and used by everyone all over the internet, and thus, all over the world. While everyone is still lagging behind the “old-new” ideas, this course was already out there giving away “new-new” ones.

Right now, the Affiliate master’s revamped new edition is out! Before starting your e-business, grab a hold of our course first because only then would you be able to start on the right track!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Making money on the Internet can be augmented by using affiliate marketing programs and the fruits of your labor can manifest within several weeks if you are smart and listen to coaching and mentoring teams. To be an affiliate marketer, you need very little outlay just use the products and services of other companies. Essentially you are a “salesman” for those companies and place links to their website on your site. Market your website and automatically you are selling products for someone else. Every time a potential client clicks on your affiliate links, they are taken to a product page, and once they purchase, you have another stream of income.


Target Market:

When entering into affiliate marketing, research the website of the product or service owner. You want to send traffic to an affiliate owner’s site that is compatible with what you are offering. It would be strange to have your website be about flowers, for instance, and send traffic from your site to a site about pets. Also, ensure that the affiliate’s site actually sells a product or a service. There are many examples of clicking on an affiliate link and being led to a site that offers nothing but Google AdSense or other ads.


To Get Start:

To get started, you will need the link to the affiliate site member area where you can log in and generate your own coded affiliate links. Often you can also find promotional materials there as well to use with your advertising efforts like banners and sales copy for autoresponders. Read the agreement you have entered into with the owner of the site and keep a copy in your files for following up.


Keep Away:

Most site owners who engage in affiliate programs are very honest but you may run into some who will refuse to pay you or forget to (i.e. their automatic payment systems may not be set up correctly).


Affiliate Marketing as a Tool:

Your internet marketing strategies can bring you in a residual income. Affiliate programs and marketing can drive traffic to a relevant website, but also bring traffic to your site. Use affiliate marketing as a tool.

Choose Reputable Niche and Product:

For amazon affiliate marketing’s profitable niche and the product is most important to success. That is why will helps our student to find profitable niche and product such that they can reach their goal and earn a passive income.

So, we search numerous affiliate programs and determine what merchants will be best for you and for your site. It might not be a good idea to just sign up for every affiliate program you can find. You may gain a bit of traffic, but your site will be chaotic. You may even be considered as a link farm or a site that contains only links and has no products to sell or market. No one is interested in just looking at just banners and links, they want information.

Affiliate marketing may not bring you immediate revenue. Market an affiliate link on your site. Point to the merchant site with banners and ads, but build up your own content as well. The better the content you have on your site, even with your affiliate ads sprinkled throughout, the more engaged your website guests will be. Our trainer will advise you to have persistence, patience and continually research affiliate programs and marketing techniques and strategies that will bring in traffic, clicks, and ultimately sales, for residual income. Market your business as well.

Why Choose Rank Trends to Learn Amazon Affiliate Bangladesh Online Course:

You will choose Rank Trends because the Amazon Affiliate Bangladesh online course is well designed for all kind of people like a student, service holder, unemployed, housewife and a retired person who know English well. Also, we have a high experience amazon affiliate marketing trainer who knows how to build a money machine affiliate website. As well as you can learn more than 10 essential online courses. For this reason, after complete this course, you can earn money using every single skill. For example, you can earn through email marketing, SEO work, social media marketing, WordPress website building, and more. Also, Rank Trends is best for SEO training in Bangladesh, WordPress training in Bangladesh, and SEO services all over the world.

Why Rank Trends is the Best for Affiliate Marketing Course in Bangladesh:

Rank Trends is the best affiliate marketing course in Bangladesh because we described everything step by step such that everyone learns easily. There has a lot of affiliate marketing training institutes that teach the student but did not provide a real guideline. Even after complete the course, they do not help them when needed. As well as if anyone tries to contact to solve their issue they do not provide any response. But Rank Trends do not believe in this type of training. We believe our students are our asset if they succeed. Moreover, after complete this course, you will get support from us 24×7 for the lifetime

Difference Between Rank Trends Vs Other Institute

  • Affordable price only 6000tk where others will be taken about tk20000.
  • More than 10 essential courses you will learn.
  • After complete the Amazon affiliate marketing training program, you can practice live online projects, but you can not get this opportunity from others.
  • You will learn a lot of top-secret marketing strategies to sell your affiliate product.
  • On the other hand, others will not give this opportunity

Is It Really Possible to Earn Money After Complete This Amazon Affiliate Marketing Course?

Of course, if you really complete this training and aim to work according to our instructions, we can ensure you, you can earn more than you expect.


Q: What is the payment method?

A: Right now we only accept the bKash payment method.

Q: When does the course start?

A: The course will start on 1 July 2021

Q: Live-streaming or pre-recorded?

A: Live-streaming course

Q: Need to visit your office?

A: No need to visit our office, Right now we are active online.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: Refund only applicable if we are unable to organize our course or if you did not attend our class.

Q: How to pay on bKash?

A: Step – 1: Dial *247#
Step – 2: Select “Payment” Option
Step – 3: bKash Merchant Number 01751450075
Step – 4: Amount
Step – 5: Reference: “Your Name and Course Name”
Step – 6: Counter Number: 0
Step – 7: PIN

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