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About Us

About us

Welcome to Rank Trends – Your Premier IT Service Company

At Rank Trends as a it service company, we stand at the forefront of innovation, offering a comprehensive suite of IT services that transcend the boundaries of traditional solutions. Founded in 2018 by the visionary Md. Yousuf Ali, a seasoned software engineer, SEO specialist, and 3D animator, we have swiftly become a global leader in IT solutions.

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Our mission is clear: to provide comprehensive digital marketing services that unlock the true potential of your online presence. We're driven by a deep desire to see our clients succeed in the digital sphere. With every project we undertake, we aim to deliver results that matter, be it improved search rankings, increased web traffic, or enhanced brand recognition.

RankTrends was founded with a vision to empower businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals to conquer the digital realm. We started as a small team of digital enthusiasts, and over the years, we've grown into a full-fledged digital marketing agency.

Expertise: We pride ourselves on our team of skilled professionals who are experts in their respective domains. We're constantly upgrading our knowledge and skills to stay at the forefront of digital trends.
Innovation: In the fast-paced digital world, staying innovative is not just an option but a necessity. We embrace emerging technologies and creative strategies to deliver cutting-edge results.
Customization: We understand that every client is unique, and their goals vary. That's why we tailor our strategies and solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.
Transparency: We believe in clear communication and transparency in all our dealings. We want our clients to be well-informed and confident in the strategies we implement.

Our commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed. In 2021, APAC Insider recognized Rank Trends with the prestigious Best SEO & Web Design/Development Agency award, a testament to our impact on the digital landscape.

The accolades continued with the Champion Award in 2020 and the Service Excellence Award in 2023 from SoftwareSuggest.com, reinforcing our dedication to delivering top-notch solutions. In 2019, CV Magazine honored us with the Best Media Innovator Award, solidifying our position as a trailblazer in the IT industry.

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We customize our delivery to match your working style, whether you're an external service provider or part of our team.

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Founder's Vision

A versatile person Md. Yousuf Ali

Md. Yousuf Ali, the founder of Rank Trends, envisioned a company that goes beyond conventional IT solutions. His multifaceted expertise in software engineering, SEO, and 3D animation laid the foundation for a team of experts dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology.

Under his leadership, Rank Trends continues to evolve and thrive, embracing new challenges with a forward-thinking approach.

Team Member

Passionate Personalities, Versatile Brains

Md. Yousuf Ali

Md Yousuf Ali

Founder, SEO Expert & Software Developer
Hi, This is Md. Yousuf Ali, founder of Rank Trends With 7+ years of experience, I would like to introduce myself as an entrepreneur, SEO expert, and software developer.
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Ashraf Uzzaman

Ashraf Uzzaman

CEO & Full Stack Web Developer
This is Ashraf Uzzaman, a dedicated Full Stack Web Application Developer with a wide-ranging skill set covering both front-end and back-end technologies.
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K.M. Rashedul Islam

K.M. Rashedul Islam

Software Engineer (ERP)
Rashedul, a Software Engineer at Rank Trends, specializes in ERP systems, optimizing operations and collaboration across departments.
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asif abir

Asif Abir

Lecturer & Instructor (Web Development)
Meet Asif Abir, the friendly face behind Rank Trends. Specializing in web design and development, he guides you through building websites and web applications.
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Our Expertise

A Holistic Approach to IT Firm

Rank Trends is not just an IT firm; we are your trusted partner in progress. Our diverse range of services includes software development, app development, web development, SEO, digital marketing, web design, graphics design, motion graphics, video editing, and 3D animation.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, our highly experienced team ensures that each project is a masterpiece, combining creativity, functionality, and cutting-edge technology.

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Where Innovation Meets Excellence

Choosing Rank Trends as your IT firm is not just a decision; it’s an investment in a partnership that values your success. As we continue to push the boundaries of technology, we invite you to join us on this exhilarating journey where innovation meets excellence. Together, let’s redefine what’s possible in the digital realm and carve a path towards a future where your aspirations become achievements.

At Rank Trends, our mission extends beyond providing services – we are committed to crafting success stories. We understand that each client is unique, and our solutions are tailored to address individual needs. From conceptualization to execution, we are with you every step of the way, ensuring that your digital journey is not just successful but extraordinary.

Rank Trends is not bound by geographical constraints; we operate worldwide, bringing our expertise to clients across the globe. Our global reach allows us to understand diverse markets and cater to the unique needs of each client, fostering lasting partnerships and delivering results that exceed expectations. 

When you choose Rank Trends as your IT firm, you partner with a team that is driven by your success. We believe in building long-lasting relationships, understanding your unique requirements, and delivering solutions that propel your business forward. Join us on this exciting journey where innovation meets excellence, and together, let’s redefine the possibilities of the digital landscape. 

At Rank Trends, we recognize the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in making a positive impact on the world. Our CSR initiatives extend beyond business concerns, focusing on sustainable practices, community development, and philanthropy. We believe that as a global player, we have a responsibility to contribute to the well-being of society and the environment.

Beyond our client projects, Rank Trends actively contributes to thought leadership in the IT industry. Our experts regularly share insights, research findings, and thought-provoking content through industry publications, webinars, and conferences. By shaping discussions and trends, we aim to be at the forefront of technological advancements and contribute to the collective knowledge of the IT community.

Global Reach, Local Impact: Customized Solutions for Every Region

While our reach is global, we understand the importance of local relevance. Rank Trends tailors its solutions to meet the unique requirements of different regions and industries. Our localized approach ensures that our clients receive not just a standardized service but a customized solution that takes into account the specific nuances of their target markets.

If you are ready to embark on a digital journey that transcends expectations, we are ready to be your guides. Contact Rank Trends today, and let’s start a conversation about your vision, goals, and how our expertise can bring them to life. Together, we can redefine what’s possible in the digital realm and set your business on a trajectory of unparalleled success.



1. What does Rank Trends do?

Ans: Rank Trends is a versatile digital marketing agency, focusing on software, app, and web development, SEO, digital marketing, and creative design. Our client-centric approach aims to elevate online presence and drive business success through innovative solutions.

2. How can I contact Rank Trends?

Ans: You can reach Rank Trends through our Contact page.

3. Does Rank Trends offer customized solutions?

Ans: Yes, Rank Trends provides tailored solutions to meet specific client needs.

4. Is Rank Trends suitable for small businesses?

Ans: Absolutely. Rank Trends specializes in providing cost-effective and tailored digital marketing solutions suitable for businesses of all sizes.

5. How does Rank Trends stay innovative in the digital marketing field?

Ans: Rank Trends stays at the forefront of innovation by constantly adapting to emerging technologies, trends, and consumer behaviors in the digital marketing landscape.

6. What’s the future vision for Rank Trends?

Ans: Rank Trends envisions continued growth, expansion of services, and a commitment to staying ahead in the dynamic digital marketing industry.

7. How does Rank Trends ensure client satisfaction?

Ans: Client satisfaction is a priority at Rank Trends. We maintain open communication, tailor solutions to client needs, and seek feedback throughout the project lifecycle to ensure a positive and collaborative experience.

8. Does Rank Trends handle both local and global digital marketing campaigns?

Ans: Yes, Rank Trends is experienced in managing both local and global digital marketing campaigns, ensuring targeted reach and effective engagement based on your business goals.

9. Can Rank Trends assist with rebranding efforts or website redesign?

Ans: Yes, Rank Trends provides comprehensive services, including web design and graphics design, to support rebranding initiatives and website redesign projects.

10. Is Rank Trends involved in any community or social responsibility initiatives?

Ans: Yes, Rank Trends is committed to social responsibility and community engagement. We actively participate in initiatives that contribute positively to the community. Check our website for updates on our involvement.

11. What makes Rank Trends unique?

Ans: Our client-centric approach, innovation, and comprehensive suite of services distinguish us in the digital marketing landscape.

12. How quickly can Rank Trends complete a project?

Ans: Project timelines vary, but we commit to delivering quality results within agreed-upon timelines.

13. Can I see examples of Rank Trends’ work?

Ans: Yes, visit our website ranktrends.com to view our portfolio with project examples.

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